What is geoblocking and how to bypass it | ONLY solution you need

👇Geoblocking essentially separates people from getting to the content they want but there’s a way to fix that.👇
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In this video I’m going to explain what geoblocking is, how and why it operates and most importantly – give you a solution to deal with it.

Geoblocking protects copyrighted content, stuff that is only licensed in certain countries. Sometimes services that need to establish regional prices resort to geoblocking. Legally speaking, there’s no issue, but it’s not fair to all users.

How does geoblocking work?

➞ First – your IP address clearly traces back to the country, city and sometimes even the general vicinity of where you live.

➞ Some websites or apps can also check your GPS location to ascertain you are in the right place. You can hide it by turning off GPS services or by using a GPS spoofer.

➞ if you’re using a service requiring payments – it can trace your location using your bank’s registered location.

While there’s no good way to deal with the third factor, first and second can be fixed rather simply. First of all, you need to change your IP address. Proxies and Smart DNS were used for a very long time, but nowadays platforms like Netflix do a damn good job at detecting proxies. BUT VPNs combine the overburdening security of TOR with capabilities of proxies. As a result, we have a versatile service capable of bypassing geoblocks.

It helps that most VPNs are in constant development too – so when new geoblocking techniques rise up, VPN services come up with a solution. However, VPNs won’t help you if the service you want requires proof of residency or banking info. Keep that in mind.

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00:00 Intro

00:33 What is geoblocking?
1:13 How does geoblocking work?
2:06 How can VPNs bypass geoblocking?
2:47 Tutorial: how to bypass geoblocks with a VPN?
3:37 Which VPNs are the best at geoblocking?

Geoblocking hides a lot of things from potential consumers. Streaming platforms have shows geoblocked, sometimes whole platforms for online gaming are blocked just like that. In order to get unlimited access to any geoblocked content, consider using a VPN. By altering your IP visible to streaming services, it can bypass geoblocks and give you access to any geo-blocked content.

If you have already tried using a VPN against geo-blocks, leave a comment, let us know how it went!

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