Smart DNS vs VPN Explained | NordVPN

Hey there. If youre looking for ways to broaden youronline content options, these two solutions might have come into your see: Smart DNSand VPN a virtual private structure. So how are they different and which one tochoose? Let me give you a rundown of what these twotechnologies are. Only a remembrance DNS, or Domain Name Servers, are used for translating domain names, for example ,, into numeric IP addresses. Basically, this is how you are able to accessa website when you enter its address into your browser. Smart DNS replaces the DNS address assignedto you by your internet service provider with a DNS address in a different location. By doing so and removing any data that couldpoint to your geographical location, Smart DNS stirs you appear to be accessing a websitefrom another location. But it doesnt give you full privacy, asyour real IP address isnt genuinely obstructed. VPN, on the other hand, is capable of doingmore than spoofing your geo-location to access content.It likewise self-assured your internet freight withstrong encryption. When you is attached to a remote VPN server ina specific country, your real IP address is obscured. So if you want to access online content andkeep your information safe and private at the same time, VPN is a go-to solution. To learn more about VPN and online insurance, subscribe to the NordVPN Youtube channel !.

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