The Internet’s First Serial Killer

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And if you’re not sold, once you tried it then take advantage of their3 0 daytime fund back guarantee. The jeopardies are connected with the internet have been a hot topic because it practice wentmainstream in the 1990 s. And the scale of the problem has becomeincreasingly apparent since then thanks to high profile crimes like Japan’s loathsome Twitter killer and the broad reach ofmedia comprise the subject. The focus of today’s video is considered by numerous to be the root of it all the Internet’sfirst serial killer.This is the story of JohnEdward Robinson also known as the Slavemaster.( suspendful music) 1991 is believed to be the year that Robinson was firstintroduced to the internet while serving time at WesternMissouri Correctional Facility for a fraud conviction andsubsequent parole abuses. While there he’d evidence a knackfor dealing here with computers. And as a result was set to workin the prisons computer lab. After secrete, he formed anonline vicinity for himself. One record with a particularfixation, Robinson became active on several BDSM places, which run as a primitive pattern of social media. There, he would adopt the identified Slavemaster and publish ads striving outsubmissive girl marriages. Despite the fact that he was a married man and had been for severaldecades at that point. In 1993, 45 year-old Sheila Faith replied to one of these ads lured in by Robinson’s claims ofbeing a successful businessman. He’d start gloriou predicts about providing for Sheila and her 15 time old daughter Debbie who suffered from cerebral palsy.In truth the rich Robinsonclaimed to have was a far cry from current realities of histrailer park lifestyle. In 1994, Sheila made in and moved from California all the way to Kansas City to be with her new lord. And that’s the last anyoneever participated her or Debbie alive. After the two went missing, it was seemingly a few years before the Slavemastersnared his next victim. But it was clear he hadn’tgiven up on the hunt. In 1998 Robinson moved atrailer on to seventeen acres of remote Lynn county land and had two phone lines positioned there, one for a landline andone for his computer. This opening would laterbe dubbed “The Farm” and it was completely Robinson’sown private domain removed from his married life at the trailer park.It would also serve as his base of operations moving forward. In 1999, he offered a racket to21 year old-fashioned Izabela Lweicka a Polish immigrant who lived in Indiana. Izabela had recentlyfinished university and at the time was exploring herinterest in paganism and BDSM. She more would move to Kansas where Robinsonallegedly demonstrated her with an engagement echoing and even paid for amarriage license though this license was never picked up. Lewicka would tell herparents she’d gotten married but for whatever reason, nevernamed her spouse like Sheila she would never hear you say from again. Around the same time Lewicka went missing Suzette Trouten a 28 yearold harbour from Michigan moved to Kansas, Suzettefrequented BDSM chatrooms and had been contacted by Robinson after sitting her ownad, seeking the dominant. This wasn’t her first time traveling out of state to meet an onlineacquaintance in person though it would be her last-place. Like those before herSuzette was controlled via predicts of money and opportunity. In such cases, the Slavemasterhad offered her employ as elderly father’s care.He said the work wouldpay around $60,000 a year and involve regular international wander. In actuality, however Robinson’s father had died several years prior. Unlike previous onlinevictims, Suzette was in frequent contact withher mother, Carolyn. This would be at leastin part the Slavemasters undoing Carolyn receivedcorrespondence supposedly from her daughter in the form of emails and typewritten letterswith handwritten signatures their content was a red flag. Things weren’t worded theway she would word them. The baby would latertell a news reporter. Everything was spelled right. Due to her suspicionsshe contacted law enforcement agencies and instructed them tolook for her daughters beloved Pekingese bird-dogs, Harry and Peeka. Suzette never ran anywhere without them. And while the uncharacteristicallyaccurate spelling in the themes was odd. The misspelling of one of the dogs lists was anequally troubling sign in the year 2000 investigates would find that Harry and Peeka had been abandoned at the same trailer parkwhere Robinson lived and thrown what they’d heard about Suzette’s connect to her pets.They too deduced thatshe was most likely dead. Fortunately, she informed her motherabout her theorize both employers and even left his list. From here the focus onRobinson intensified with Carolyn once again playing her part and confronting him pate on. -[ Robinson] No don’t, don’t. You know, I wouldn’t get apprehensive. -[ Carolyn] I’m nervous.Susie ever announces me so. -[ Robinson] Well from what I understand they’re about age whereit’s kind of hard to call. -[ Carolyn] Am really gettingvery nervous about this. I don’t know if I should maybecall the police or something. -[ Robinson] Why? -[ Carolyn] Because Ihaven’t heard from her- -[ Robinson]( ambiguou) she’s a big girl. I wouldn’t, you know, I certainly wouldn’t worry about it too much.I’m sure that when, when theyhit the next place, they’ll they’ll send us a poster or callus or email us or something -[ Narrator] From herepolice would always monitor Robinson’s motions and move him on several occasions to his Lynn County property. They delve through his trash, find shredded documents and managed to piece someof them back together. One connected the believe to a storage facility in Raymore, Missouri and this finding wouldsoon prove meaningful. During surveillance, theSlavemaster was still bringing in females from all over the USand hosting them in hotels. Police, meanwhile wererenting adjoining chambers and listening in. Though these encounters were not fatal. Don layman and investigator who worked on the case was intimate to ABC that Robinson’s intent was evident. Towards the end of the investigation. We learned there was a young female.He was trying to lure down to the farm and that’s when we decidedthat we have enough and we’re not gonna let it go any further. In a turn of events, it appeared that stepping in here wasn’t necessary as two women would report John Robinson for aggravated sex battery before he had the chanceto take any more lifetimes. One would also report him for the crime of over $500 importance of copulation toys. She brought to their meeting. She too had been fed legends of the Slavemasters wealth and success. These assaults combinedwith a steal applied law enforcement all theyneeded to arrest Robinson hold him in custody.And most importantly, tosearch his belongings. In June of 2000, theSlavemaster was incarcerated and he scoured began inearnest in no time at all. The team working at Robinson’s farm wouldmake a grizzly discovery. Their cadaver puppies picked up a scent outside of the suspect’strailer, which would conduct them to 285 pound substance containers. In each they discovered a decayingbody that of Izabela Lewicka and Suzette Trouten bothhad died as a result of deaden patrol pain last-minute determined to have been caused by a hammer.In neighboring Missouri asecond task force investigated the storage equipment they discovered by via thefarm shredded substantiates. There they found three similar barrels. Two of them contained Sheila Faith. Who’d been wrapped in plasticand her daughter Debbie, who had been left perfectly robed. The third is so far unaccounted for in this telling of affairs. And that’s for a reasonablenes you see in spite of Robinson’s reputationas an internet boogeyman and the focus on BDSMsub-culture the renown of these elements is somewhat misinforming. So now let’s take a step back and get the full picture, before he was a killer. John Edward Robinson was a con man throughout the sixties and onward.He was imprisoned on numerous occasions for pilfering moneyfrom employers, as in the case of the medicalpractice he worked for in 1969 there he stole $33,000 while working as an x-ray technician a responsibility he’d stuck use forged certificates. He’d likewise start several boguscompanies perpetrate protections and mail impostor, scamfriends, and identifies out of thousands ofdollars over the years, and all while attemptingto carefully manufacture an epitome that they are able to makehis Griffs all the more convincing Robinson likewise seemedto lean towards narcissism.In 1977, he forged sends from local governmentfigures to coat himself as a charitable contributorto humanitarian begins. And in turn, amplification a seat on the board of a local nonprofit, he’d even go on to use forgeries to namehimself the organization’s person of the year, then throw acelebration in his own honor. The several instances of jail time didn’t seem to be a deterrentmaybe because their own families affixed by him throughout his careeras a white collar criminal or perhaps because of the penalties for such crimes were toolenient to faze him either way.In 1984, the man who would become a Slavemaster started two husk corporations. And this is where things will start to sound familiar to you. Robinson hired 19 yearold Paula Godfrey to work as one of his sales representative. Paula would tell familyshe was being sent away for job training simply tothen terminate all contact. Fearing for her safetyGodfrey’s parents entered a missing persons report which led to the loss polices to John Robinson’s entrance. When questioned he would claimto have no knowledge of her whereabouts then a few dayslater Godfrey’s relatives would be given a typewritten letter with her daughter’s signature at its base. This character would thankRobinson for his help and assure her kinfolks that she was okay but didn’t wanna accompany them again because Paula was a legal adult.And because of the contents of the ratified letter, theinvestigation was closed. No discover of her has ever been observed. Last-minute that time Robinson would ratify his most sinister scheme. Robinson would fabricatean succour planned for young fathers which he claimed would give dames room transportation, daycare, and even training programs. He tell a social worker atthe Truman Medical Center that the initiative was ajoint effort between himself and several other Johnsoncounty businessmen. And go on to specifythe need for referrals of Caucasian brides, intimating they were trying to balance the racial makeup of participants. More precisely, he wanteda disadvantaged young mother with no house ties. He’d last-minute informed the social worker that other organizations the Hope House had referreda fitting nominee. This nominee was 19 year old, Lisa Stacey along with her four-month-olddaughter Tiffany in January of 1985, Robinson using the alias John Osborne would assemble Lisa at a women’s sanctuary in Kansas City and promise her employmentand apartment and daycare.The last-place time anyone heardfrom Lisa was in a phone call. She made to her mother-in-law. During the conversation Lisasounded distressed talking about someone who was tryingto fix her signed a space piece of stationary before abruptly hanging up. Lisa Stacy is anotherunfortunate case where her remains have never beenfound, though once again family members would receive words, purporting to be from her. And in the search adecade and a half last-minute the killer would be connected to her via the uncovering of the acknowledgment for a inn where Lisa had bided. where Lisa’s tragic partin all this takes a twist for the quirky though iswith her daughter Tiffany. It is about to change that JohnRobinson specific requirements for a casualty were the result of his equally specific intentions.As it is about to change hisbrother, Don and his wife Helen had been trying to conceive a child for five or so times. But when it became clear thatit wasn’t going to work out they turned their gaze towards support. Since the conventional processis slow, John suggested to use his connection tofacilitate a private ratification. He blamed two brothers a totalof 5,500 in ratification fees forge the paperwork and deliver Tiffany Stacy time a few eras after killing her mother. Genuine to shape he’d bringalong with her a narrative of an vacated babyand a mother’s suicide.Tiffany would be renamedHeather Tiffany Robinson and grew up knowing hermother’s murderer as uncle John. The truth would come outafter the Slavemasters arrest. When Don and Helen Robinson began to doubt the credibility of his narrative law enforcement officers would confirmHeather’s true name via the footprint and fingerprints taken at the hospital shortly after her delivery. But even prior to this bombshell she’d noticed her uncle to be disconcerting. A couple of years lateranother mother would disappear. 27 year old-fashioned Catherine Clampitt was a onetime drug user endeavouring rehab. Catherine moved to Kansas and was hired by Robinson beforevanishing in June of 1987. She extremely was never detected. This produces us full circleto that 1991, confinement stent wherein the slave masterfirst discover the internet which is significantfor more than exactly that. While serving his sentence he met 49 time aged prisonlibrarian, Beverly Bonner. She had two children and a partner who happenedto be the prison’s physician and even analyse Robinsonduring his time as an inmate.Robinson would convince Beverly to break up her family and to come work for him. She filed for divorce in 1993 and told herhusband, she was in Kansas support Robinson find propertyfor a business venture. And after that, she wasplanning to take a job in Chicago during this brief period between going to Kansasand Beverly’s disappearance Robinson would arrange to haveher alimony checks forwarded to a Kansas postbox. He’d continue cashing them for several years after she’d vanished.Beverly’s torso was foundin that third chemical drum and the Missouri storagefacility still dressed in wintertime dres. It’s clear that even prior tocreating his online persona John Edward Robinson was a murderer and a continue manipulator. Not simply was he killing beforehe implemented the internet as a tool, but he was usingmany of the same tricks, such as faking correspondencewith the victim’s families offering victims opportunitiesand diverting their finances to himself where possible. After an extended Kansas trial thanks to the overwhelmingevidence against the perpetrator. On October 29 th of 2002, it made the jury less than a daytime to reach a guilty verdict. In 2003, he’d received thedeath penalty for the assassination Trouten and Lewicka and a life sentence for the murder of Lisa Stacey. He too received five to20 years for intervening with parental imprisonment, 20 years for kidnapping Trouten and seven months forthe affirmation theft.Robinson also faced five moremurder attacks in Missouri but due to various details the result was a plea deal that contributed significantly to a strangely non-committal guilty plea and escape of aMissouri death sentence. As of now, the Slavemaster is still on demise sequence at the ElDorado Correctional Facility in Butler County, Kansas. There he’s been creating some of the worst art you could ever imagine and generally feeling sorry for himself. And as recently as 2020, he was still appealing his death sentence.( suspensful music) This video was experimented byJonathan Watson, Lux Noctis. Written by Lux Noctis editedby Dark Fire Creation with additional writingthat by yours truly. 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