How to watch NHL games FROM ANYWHERE in 2021

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The National Hockey League is a must-watch event for true hockey fans, but truth be told – it’s only even streamed in the USA and Canada. However, you can trick the system and get access to those geo-restricted streams using a nice and effective tool called VPN.

Youtube TV, Sling TV and CBC Gem are the premium options I consider to be the answer to the question of how to watch NHL games. They have free trials you can use to check if they fit your preferences and require no TV subscriptions. First two are US only options, while CBC Gem is a Canadian service.

See for yourself how to use a VPN to watch NHL.

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In the NHL stream, live footage requires the best VPN to avoid losing frames, making NordVPN a great choice for the tutorial.

Besides having a proper VPN like NordVPN or Surfshark, you need to know where to watch NHL games. I recommend sticking to Youtube TV or Sling TV if you’re aiming to use US servers, but if Canadian servers have a better connection for you – get CBC Gem subscription and watch NHL all you want.

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