Double VPN | What is it and does is it really offer better privacy?

( stunning music) – The best highway to ensureyour privacy online, at least according to Hollywood, is to hop or return yourconnection all across the globe. It’s practically untraceable, or is it?( stunning music) Welcome to All Things Secured. I’m Josh and my goal here is to de-mystify the marketing hype surrounding online security application. And cartel me, it’s mostly promotion. Recently I had someoneask me about this idea of a double VPN feature. So today I wanna take a few minutes to answer three important issue. First, which is what does a double VPN do. Two, what are theadvantages and handicaps of the utilization of a doubled VPN? And finally, we’ll finishwith the eventual question, is this really the best wayto ensure privacy online? The short answer isthat any additional security or privacy been provided by a doubleVPN is mostly redundant. So unless you’re a journalistor a political activist who suspicions harmful internet surveillance, it’s probably not necessary for you, but it’s still fascinating. So let’s dive in with anexplanation of this process.Double VPN, which has beencalled doubled hop-skip, multi-hop, cascading, nested, chained, whatever you call it, the basic premise is thatyou’re adding added privacy and security by runninga second, third, fourth, or if you’re truly manic, even more blankets of encryptionon your internet joining. Commonly, a virtual privatenetwork is a connection between your machine, personal computers, a tablet, or your mobile phone, and another server. This could be your office serveror a business VPN server located in another country. A doubled VPN becomes a stair further by adding yet another VPNserver connection to the mix, thus obstructing both the originalsource of the link from the second VPN serverand the final destination of the connection fromthe first VPN server. Like I said earlier, it’s redundant securitymeasures in the event that one of the servers or encryption protocol is somehow compromised.In practice, doubled VPN could be set up in a number of different ways. For some VPN services, and I’ll use Surfshark as an example here, they have what theycall a multi-hop feature where you can choose apreset sequence of servers through which your trafficwill be encrypted and routed. In every example that I’ve seen, you can’t substitution which serveris part of the double hop, you just have to accept the options and the locations they give you.Another alternative would be to connect to a server squandering one VPN service, and then while remaining connected, utilize a different VPN software to connect to yet another server abroad. But this requires a subscription to two different VPN servicesso stop that in psyche. Before you put yourselfthrough the misfortune of doing all this, though, it’s worth asking what kind of advantages and hindrances this boast offers. It should be obvious thatadding extra encryption and added route will slow down your internet connection.Like a great deal. It’s also resource intense, which means that devicesengaging in a doubled encryption will likely exhaustion batteryfaster and run slower. As far as advantages become, there really aren’t that numerous. It’s a redundant coating of security. And if you’re using a VPNto do anything illegal, I’d like to too point out thatno single piece of application or encryption, even ifit’s double-dealing or tripled up, can guarantee 100% safety, age. So is Hollywood right? Should you consider using a double VPN? More than likely, theanswer to this is no. I imply, honestly, a VPN is already aredundant layer of security in most cases. If you’re link toa website that uses HTTPS at the beginning, which atthis point is most of them, then a VPN is just doublingwhat you already have.If you have some reason to believe that you’re being surveilled, like those engaging inhigh-stakes journalism or activism in a unfriendly country, it might make sense. But for the average internet user, there are more practical ways to ensure privacy and security. For example, you couldstrengthen your online histories with stronger passwordsusing a password overseer. You could enable two-factor authentication on any report that allows it. Heck, you could just learnto be more careful about when and where you share yourpersonal information online. All of these are much better, more practical ways ofadding mantles of security to your online name. And I’ve got a lot of immense videos that can show you how. Check these out.Don’t forget to subscribeto All Things Secured and I will catch you in the next video ..

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