PureVPN review 2022 | Should YOU consider this VPN provider?

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PureVPN doesn’t really stand out amongst most other VPN providers, so I bet a lot of you don’t know much about it. Time to fix that with a detailed PureVPN review 2022. Prepare to learn everything about all pros and cons of this provider.

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0:00 Intro
0:23 Is PureVPN safe to use?
1:33 PureVPN speed test – is it fast enough?
2:25 Is PureVPN good for streaming?
2:46 Torrenting with PureVPN
3:12 Additional features of PureVPN
4:03 PureVPN desktop and mobile apps
5:02 Can you rely on PureVPN customer support?
5:50 Is PureVPN worth it?

=== Is PureVPN safe? ===

Kicking off this PureVPN review is the essential question “Is PureVPN safe?”

Talking about essential security, PureVPN is not revolutionary here.

It relies on a golden standard of encryption with the AES-256 encryption algorithm and has a reliable kill switch, sadly not available on iOS.

Considering that PureVPN has implemented the WireGuard protocol recently, its security is definitely good enough.

On the privacy side, PureVPN does have a reliably-looking no-logs policy, but there have been problems with it before.

In 2017, PureVPN helped the FBI catch a cyberstalker, a nice catch indeed, but it puts a bit of a stain on the promises of not monitoring user activity and storing logs.

Since then, there were multiple PureVPN reviews from independent auditors in 2019 and 2020, confirming they no longer keep logs. Considering that auditors have a right to initiate a new audit any time they see fit, this should be a good enough reason for PureVPN to keep its word regarding the privacy of the service.

=== Speed and performance ===

But when discussing performance, you don’t have to trust my word, better trust your eyes.

Here you can see the PureVPN speed test I’ve run using some of the closest servers to me.

My results are not groundbreaking, but in actuality, speed loss is only about 10 to 15%, as long as you don’t connect to a very distant location, at which point you might get a much lower speed.

In any case, PureVPN surprisingly has a very substantial server list. More than 6500 servers in 78 countries. While about 80% of these servers are in the USA and EU, PureVPN offers some very exotic locations as well, which might be useful for some people.

In total, my experience with PureVPN was fast and consistent, even during the high-bandwidth activities.

=== Streaming and Torrenting ===

Such as streaming, for example.

Is PureVPN good for streaming? Surprisingly, very much so.

I’ve managed to access a lot of content, but when it comes to Netflix, I could only check out 10 libraries, one of them only with browser extension enabled.

While my PureVPN Netflix experience wasn’t perfect, this VPN is very effective for streaming in general.

While streaming is available on all servers, I can’t say the same about torrenting.

There are distinct limitations for P2P file transfer, with certain servers in the US, UK, Australia and Canada unavailable for it. This could force you to choose a more distant server, with slower speeds.

Still, in my PureVPN review and test of torrenting the speeds were decent enough. Also, there’s an opportunity to further increase the performance with Port forwarding. However, it does cost extra, which is a distinct minus in my books.

=== Features ===

Talking about additional features, port forwarding is not the only upgrade you can purchase on the side.

Unfortunately, PureVPN also offers Dedicated IP and DDoS protection for a price of a VPN subscription per month, and both of those things could have been if not free, then at least cheaper.

Perhaps the only saving grace is Split tunneling – this feature is free, but not available on any of the Apple devices.

PureVPN reviews often sleep on that fact, but I really don’t enjoy the idea of paying more for essential features. I think it’s important to have all features available on all apps.


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