Cyber Monday 2020: Learn how to avoid scammers | 8 TIPS + VPN deals?

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Cyber Monday is is fast approaching but… it’s also a great opportunity for cybercriminals to steal your data, leak your personal info, or even infect your device with malware. We don’t want that, right?

Learn how to avoid scammers in my quick 4 min tutorial about Cyber Monday!

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00:00 Intro
1:19 Why you should use VPN for online shopping
1:35 Can a VPN help to get better Cyber Monday deals?
1:43 My top VPN recommendations
1:57 Best payment method
2:44 Why installing software straight from the website isn’t safe?
3:17 How to spot a fake website

Tip 1 – Use a VPN
Tip 2 – Choose a wise payment method
Tip 3 – Don’t overshare your data trying to catch the best Cyber Monday deals
Tip 4 – Use trusted retailers
Tip 5 – Never install software straight from a website
Tip 6 – Make sure all browsers and apps you’re using are updated
Tip 7 – Lookout for fake websites
Tip 8 – Don’t repeat password and get a password manager

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