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Surfshark vs ProtonVPN: both are not only well known, but also very affordable… To choose between them, I’ve run all kinds of ProtonVPN vs Surfshark tests, checked all there’s to check and the results are about to be revealed!

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=== Speed and Performance ===

A perfect thing to kick off this Surfshark vs ProtonVPN comparison is a speed test. Surfshark goes first, and as you can see, with the UK server the results are not bad.Considering that my baseline is about 400 Mbps, I’m looking at some decent performance. Let’s see if ProtonVPN can challenge those results. Yeah, I don’t think it has what it takes.

Doing a Surfshark vs ProtonVPN speed test with US servers I notice a similar pattern. Surfshark VPN is doing exceptionally well, while my ProtonVPN performance is good, but not as good. Despite both VPNs running the modern WireGuard protocol, Surfshark ends up faster after all. I guess the difference in servers is that impactful – with that many available, Surfshark shouldn’t have any overcrowding problems impacting the performance. Wish I could say the same about ProtonVPN.

=== Privacy ===

But performance is not the integral part of the VPN, the Privacy it offers – is. VPNs provide privacy by hiding your activity and IP when you are browsing.

Surfshark has a reliable no-logs policy, audited by independent organizations, so I’m pretty confident that it doesn’t keep my info. I have also tested Surfshark for leaks, and found none. For all the water references it gives, Surfshark is pretty watertight. Surfshark even runs RAM-only servers that physically can’t retain user data. This is really important, as Surfshark’s jurisdiction is not that privacy-friendly. Is Surfshark safe to use nevertheless? With its privacy-oriented features, I’d say so.

Does ProtonVPN keep logs then? Absolutely not. In fact, ProtonVPN’s jurisdiction is much better, ProtonVPN itself is also open-source, has an audited no-logs policy and I’ve not found any leaks with it.

=== Security ===

Seems like ProtonVPN’s privacy is pretty top-notch. But can I say the same about security?

Well, on the baseline level, there’s nothing noteworthy comparing ProtonVPN vs Surfshark. Both run the latest encryption algorithm and an effective kill switch. This feature makes sure you don’t leak any data on connection break by the way, crucial when your ISP decides to throw a fit.

However, that’s just the baseline. When it comes to individual features, this Surfshark vs ProtonVPN comparison comes to a twist.

=== Apps and Devices ===

After everything mentioned, I bet you see that these VPNs have a lot to offer. But it’s always important for me that these features are easy to navigate. ProtonVPN recently got a new look and I’ve been loving it ever since. It’s fresh, much better than the clunky UI it had before. I just had to install ProtonVPN on all my devices, just to see if it looks just as good there. And it does!

Surfshark is also quite pleasant to use and it’s more minimalistic than ProtonVPN. Both providers support the major platforms, from Windows and Mac to iOS and Android. Another point is that ProtonVPN can be installed on up to 10 devices, while Surfshark has no limits.

=== Pricing ===

So, how much do you have to pay for one of these VPNs? Actually, Surfshark is pretty affordable. It has a free trial as well, for 7 days, available on Mac, iOS and Android. On the other hand, there’s a ProtonVPN free version and a trial for the premium version. The free version is quite limited though. Then again, its paid version is more expensive than Surfshark’s. Both also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

0:00 Intro
0:17 Speed and Performance comparison
1:22 Can you entrust these VPNs with your data?
2:23 Surfshark vs ProtonVPN security: which is better?
4:44 Streaming: which VPN fits better for it?
5:42 Should you torrent with Surfshark or ProtonVPN?
6:11 Everything about apps and devices they support
6:50 Surfshark and ProtonVPN: are they worth it?
7:15 Conclusion

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