Should you use NordVPN vs PIA in 2022? FULL COMPARISON

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The Private Internet Access VPN is now only mentioned when talking about a huge number of servers. Why is it falling into obscurity? Today I want to put PIA vs NordVPN just to see where the former has gone wrong. Still, this will be a thorough and comprehensive comparison of NordVPN vs PIA. I will cover all the major bases.

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=== Security: ===

Let’s kick off this NordVPN vs PIA 2022 comparison with the security overview. I have to say, on the base level, both VPNs are actually very solid. Even though NordVPN uses NordLynx, a tunneling protocol derived from WireGuard that PIA uses, they both have equally good encryption standards. They also both have a kill switch, a feature for preventing IP leaks during network instability. Even when comparing NordVPN vs PIA VPN in terms of additional features, there’s not a big difference between them.

With that in mind, I don’t see this NordVPN vs PIA comparison going strictly in one direction. PIA is surprisingly effective in terms of security, apart from lacking additional features.

=== Privacy ===

Much like with ExpressVPN and CyberGhost, PIA is owned by Kape technologies. Formerly known as Crossrider, this company is known for being involved with malware creation, which is not a good reputation.

It doesn’t help that Private Internet Access is based in the US, not the most privacy-friendly jurisdiction. However, I will give credit where credit is due: PIA’s no-logs policy was previously proven in court and PIA allows crypto payments, both being extremely valuable points for privacy.

Still, I can’t take NordVPN’s privacy lightly in comparison. It’s based in the privacy-friendly jurisdiction of Panama and has passed multiple audits of its security system and no-logs policy. NordVPN also uses RAM-only servers, which can’t retain user data in the first place. Crypto payments are allowed with NordVPN as well.

=== Speed and Performance ===

But maybe PIA can still settle the score in speed and performance review. The results of my NordVPN vs PIA speed test show that while both use advanced protocols, it takes more to provide good performance.

With the baseline of about 400 Mbps, I’m seeing a tiny decrease in speed with NordVPN, it’s 5 to 10% at most, good result! Unfortunately, I don’t see PIA keeping up. With the same server location and baseline, PIA is significantly slower it seems. Which is a shame and a surprise.

I’d imagined that with the biggest server list on the market, PIA would be able to keep a more consistent and faster speed. But apparently NordVPN with much less servers, manages to take the cake.

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