Surfshark Year in Review 2020:

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2020 has been quite a year. If anything good has come out of it, it’s gotta be the improvement I’ve seen in VPN services. Today I’m going to show you one VPN specifically and all the great upgrades it got this year. It’s Surfshark VPN!

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00:00 Intro
01:11 What is Surfshark Wireguard?
02:20 Does Wireguard influence Surfshark speed?
02:33 How to use Surfshark two-factor authentification option?
03:08 What should you know about free Trust DNS app for iOS?
04:43 How does Surfshark reffer-a-friend program works?
05:24 Why Surfshark changed to RAM-only servers in 2020?
06:12 Surfshark VPN in comparison with other VPNs

I’m gonna spill the beans on Surfshark VPN, so get ready to find out what it was up to in 2020, whether it has released any significant updates, and how it compares to the other top VPN providers, right now.

First things first – we must discuss Surfshark WireGuard. WireGuard is a free, open source tunnelling protocol that is simpler, smarter, more secure, and much faster, than the current industry standards. In October this year, Surfshark dropped the news that Surfshark WireGuard was supported on the Windows, Android, Mac and iOS apps.

This is a big deal. Tech is constantly evolving, so if you’re buying a VPN, you would want to pick the service that’s not only putting out the best offerings, but that’s also investing in their products and staying on top of the trends. Clearly, this is what Surfshark is doing.

The next big piece of news covered in this Surfshark review is the release of the free Trust DNS app for iOS. Surfshark smart DNS has been available for a little while, and Trust DNS was already available for Android users, but in March this year Surfshark released this unique Surfshark DNS app on the Apple Store.

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