Surfshark VPN + ANTIVIRUS?? | Truthful review

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We’ve heard of antiviruses with built-in VPNs, but what about VPN bundled with an antivirus? Surfshark decided to fix this injustice, introducing a Surfshark One bundle with their own brand-new antivirus and a couple of other security features. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s time for a Surfshark One review.

What is Surfshark One? It’s a bundle of 4 different cybersecurity apps: VPN, Antivirus, Alert and Search.

I’ll let you know if this new Surfshark bundle is worth your time, after all, I have tested it a lot since release and I hope my insights will help you understand if you need Surfshark’s antivirus for yourself.

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00:00 Intro

00:36 What is Surfshark One?
00:49 What is the pricing for Surfshark One bundle?
1:20 What features does Surfshark Antivirus have?
2:22 What is Surfshark Search and how to use it?
2:53 Where Surfshark VPN is based?
3:26 Does Surfshark bundle have a free trial?

4:04 Overview: is Surfshark One worth it?

Surfshark Antivirus:

Right from the beginning it has real-time protection, constantly on a lookout against malware online. But only on Android, this comes to Windows some time soon.
So, yeah, Surfshark Antivirus is only available on Windows and Android right now, with MacOS coming soon. I have tried running both full and quick scans on my PC. Quick one took about 10 minutes, while the full one needed a couple of hours to go through all my files. That said, the scan used only about a quarter of my CPU’s performance, so I had no trouble, just doing my stuff meanwhile.

Surfshark Alert:

Surfshark Alert is the last feature in the bundle and it detects any leaks of your private information, such as banking info or login and passwords. Alert will scan databases of leaked data and notify you if it notices anything associated with you Fortunately, I found out that none of my data was leaked, which is a pleasant surprise, really.

Surfshark VPN:

What you do have to know is that Surfshark VPN is located in the privacy-friendly jurisdiction and has high-level security in a form of encryption, kill switch and obfuscation. Surfshark is really fast, I’ve never had any problems while streaming or torrenting. Plus, there’s plenty of streaming content you can unblock. It can also bypass restrictions of countries like China. Basically, you can use it for many purposes and share it with your family or close friends as you can use one account on an unlimited number of devices. What beginner users will love is Surfshark VPN free trial on Android, iOS and MacOS. However, you’re not getting the trial for the other apps in the Surfshark One bundle.

Surfshark Search:

It’s an anonymous search engine, allowing you to avoid personalized search results from Google, don’t leave any records of your search activity and making sure you won’t see any more targeted ads based on your recent search. There’s nothing else to say about it, except that it does the work well and I haven’t seen any personalized ads when using it.


Final thoughts: Surfshark VPN seems to be the best part of the bundle. Antivirus is very basic and Alert and Search are quite specific, making them not very appealing to casual users. While I can see privacy-concerned users taking advantage of Surfshark One, I’m not so sure anyone else will jump on the bandwagon.

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