Do you really need a VPN at home? Benefits of a VPN at home

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Do you really need a VPN at home? That’s a good question, and I will try to give you a thorough explanation today. I will also explain how to choose and how to setup home VPN if you truly do need one, so keep watching!

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=== Should you use a VPN at home? ===

The opinion that using a VPN at home is useless is quite prevalent online, and it kind of has a point. After all, VPNs are at their best when dealing with public networks. For example, when connecting to a Wi-Fi spot in a coffee shop, anybody could technically access your connection.

On the other hand, with a VPN at home, the only one you could hide from is your Internet Service Provider. You can see how one would trust their ISP, but not trust random people in coffee shops, right? So when it comes to a VPN at home, security is not exactly why you are getting a whole network VPN for yourself.

However, there are benefits of a VPN at home, even for those who, like me, stay inside most of the day. In fact, I’ve personally been using VPNs to prevent the appearance of targeted ads. Many ISPs and websites you visit gather and pass your browsing details to advertisers. I can’t deal with that, it’s just annoying. So I’ve been using a VPN for home network to prevent anyone from gathering my information and recently switched to a service that can block ads altogether.

=== How to choose a VPN for home ===

So, if you think that you have a reason to consider VPN use at home, there’s another question: how do you choose one? I’ve derived a couple of conditions for the best VPN for home. First, you need a VPN with router support, especially if you have a smart home system. The home VPN setup will be quite tough without everything connected to a VPN on the router. Services like Apple AirPlay, Google Chromecast or other bluetooth-based options are unlikely to function properly because of that.
But when you install your VPN on router, uniting all smart devices under the same network, it will be a much better experience for you.

=== Home VPN recommendations ===

I think I have some of the best VPN for home use right here:

Surfshark, for instance, works great for homes. It has router support, split tunneling on all devices except iOS and Android, and unlimited device support. Meaning, that regardless of how many family members you have, every device you own can be used with Surfshark at the same time. How to setup a home VPN with Surfshark? Well, there’s an easy router tutorial right in the provider’s website. Surfshark is also one of the most accessible VPNs price-wise.

NordVPN is another VPN I’d personally check out. While not as charitable in device limits, NordVPN also has router support, split tunneling and a lot of great extra features. It’s the service that keeps my browser free of malicious links and ads. It might be a bit pricier than Surfshark, but if you are looking for robust security and streaming support – NordVPN won’t disappoint.

But you don’t actually have to get a paid VPN. AtlasVPN is a great freemium option. This means that there’s a free and a paid version available. While you can’t use the free version for streaming, you still get decent security for free. Unfortunately, AtlasVPN can’t be installed on routers, but it does offer split tunneling on Android. You don’t even need a premium for it, only to get streaming and more servers. Though, the premium won’t really set you back that much.

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