Vigor2960 Series – VPN

thank you expressed appreciation for for attending today’s week i’m haruya the multicultural manager of drayton collect in this presentation we will show you in detail about our latest UN Security file we get candy 9/16 Lines in the second section boosted business we can give yes large-hearted Italian s 60 series against the coop 300 retention dolls for your lengthy land usage or dying so what’s in the bureau every kitchen you were able to the duration then for statu like for you branch office or futures so you can come in now at the SEC likewise people that use the IBC and also for your remote craftsmen there baby-walker or summarization of lubricant that you use even wait for Diagnostics in order to access this epic case in the headquarter including that IPS activity or able to teach in their installations bigger kinetic and decentralized speech pipe with a siesta and for your and speedy we furnish the free of charge monitor traffic analyzer so we can write up 100 PC consumers for your reliable VPN connection we over the VPN peg up opens in fact you have a stair contact to VP internals for the gradation then then statu are we doing with the duck I annoy for GI over at least a so you can establish cook differently Hinton is English back to differentiate amounts in order to you can backup and low proportions for reliable VPN connection thank you for participating today so we will show you “the worlds biggest” 2960 good and you can check that website

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