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If you’re going to put all your sensitive data in one location, you need to trust the provider. In this password managers review, I’ll go over the differences between free and paid options, and answer the question: “How safe are free password managers?” I’ll also give you my recommendations for the best free password manager in 2021.

Most providers offer a free version of their product with most of the features you’ll need to keep your passwords strong and secure. For example, on most free password managers, you cannot share your credentials with others. So if you need to share passwords with your family members or friends, you’ll have to get a paid solution.

Free password managers also usually don’t give you the option to sync passwords across devices. So if you sign up for a service on your computer, you’ll have to add the new password to your mobile devices manually.

My top 5 free password managers:
✔ NordPass
✔ Dashlane
✔ LastPass
✔ RoboForm
✔ 1Password

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2:30 Which free password managers are the best?
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4:51 How many passwords can you save in RoboForm free version?
5:09 Does 1Password have a free version?

5:45 Are free password managers worth it?

If you value your convenience and can afford one, a paid password manager is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment that will help you keep your online accounts secure. Many of those offer a free version too, so you can expect to get a decent server from free versions of NordPass, Dashlane and Roboform.

Dashlane is a superb password manager that offers a solid free version. It allows you to generate complex passwords and autofill login forms conveniently. You can save up to 50 passwords on one device with the free plan. You also get military-grade encryption, two-factor authentication, and biometric login.

NordPass is another excellent password manager with a free version that packs a lot of great features. It uses zero-knowledge architecture, meaning that only you know the contents of your vault. It also uses the industry-leading XChaCha20 encryption algorithm, which is faster and more modern than standard encryption. You get the ability to save an unlimited number of passwords on one account. Plus, you can secure your credentials even further with two-factor and biometric authentication.

RoboForm is an affordable password manager that, as the name implies, makes filling out forms a breeze. It has a great free version that works well across different platforms. In addition, RoboForm supports military-grade encryption, two-factor authentication, and biometric login. You can save an unlimited number of passwords, fill out web forms with a single click, and generate passwords on the free version.

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