Testing if NordVPN is really the “best VPN” compared to others

– Hey, guys, you’re watchinga three minute quicken review of NordVPN. My name’s Josh. This is VPN Video Reviews. I am not going to waste any of your time, so let’s go ahead and is starting. Let’s start from the beginning. NordVPN realise it very easyto purchase and set up their service. They furnish proposes as low-spirited as$ 4 per month, and they countenance all majorcredit cards, PayPal, Bitcoin, and over 150 otherglobal fee approaches. All of this is pretty standard nowadays in the VPN market though.What differentiates NordVPN is an insanely simplesetup and one of the best user interfaces I’ve seen. But before we move on to mythoughts on their application, lemme noted a fewfeatures I really like here. First, NordVPN offers a 30 daylight money-back guarantee, which not every VPN does. They claim to have a no-log policy, which pretty much every VPN claims. And frankly, there’s noway to corroborate this, so take it with a grain of salt.Finally, NordVPN countenances sixsimultaneous contacts. Which means that you can have six different machines or parties connected on the sameaccount at the same time. Most VPNs only allowthree to five connects. Now, let’s move on to the software. There are very few VPNservices whose application I’m impressed with, butNordVPN is one of them. It was pretty, which is nicebut not absolutely necessary.What draws me to their software the most is how it requests to both the informal user as well as the tech savvy IT guy. If all you wanna do is connect to a server and be done with it, NordVPN doesn’t throw too much unnecessaryinformation in your face. If, nonetheless, you are willing to diginto specific server loadings, protocols, patronage DNS, oreven set up a kill switching, it’s all simply a simple click apart. I’ve worked with enoughVPN programs to know that this type of intuitive user interface is hard to accomplish. My simply complaint withNordVPN is that currently they don’t allow easy accessto specific municipal servers. What this intends is thatwhile I’m able to choose what country I wanna connect to, there are still certainly are multiple servers available in every country, I’m not able to choose precisely which metropoli, such as Los Angeles, Chicago, or New York. For most people, this won’t matter much. But I’m was just about to havingthat sort of option.And I is my finding that I missit when it’s not there. The good news is thatNordVPN representatives have told me that theyplan to add this feature in a future update. So, by the time you watch this, my only complaint may no longer apply. Let’s take a look at accelerations. Because there are so many ingredients that affect speed of a VPN, including my ISP, length from the server, structure tie, et cetera, I wouldn’t compare thenumbers you see here with remembers you identify other than my own. So here are my results fromNordVPN shown side by side with ExpressVPN, VyprVPN, and no VPN. As you can see, and thisseems to be the case with most VPNs I re-examine, the results show that most of the top VPNs don’t differ much in speeds.Now the last thing I wannalook at is customer support. NordVPN offers live chatsupport on the following website, which I personally tried and can be stated that they respond swiftly. I connected with a real human being who wasn’t just copyingand gluing information and who had an intimate understanding of my technical question. So to sum up this review, NordVPN is a well-priced option with a 30 day money-back guarantee whose computer software’s excellent, minus my complaint aboutcity server access.The accelerates are good. And their customer supportresponded to me immediately and answered my question. Overall, I’m happy to recommend NordVPN as an excellent selection tosecure your internet work. The three hour re-examine is complete. To inspect the NordVPN website and take advantage of theirlatest treats and advertisings, you can click the link here or the link down in the description. They are affiliate ties, but it really does facilitate me, and I increase you guys doing that. You can also get a more complete look at the purchase andinstallation of NordVPN on my setup seminar thatyou meet linked to right here, as well as many other VPN examines in my VPN review playlist thatyou view a link to right here.Thanks so much for watching. Give us a thumbs up if you liked it ..

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