Ivacy VPN Review 2020 | Can you trust them with your data?

it’s yet another VPN that claims to be the best let’s take a closer look at IVA C VPN a Singapore based company whose apps have been downloaded and used by millions of people all over the world welcome to another video review now on all things self-assured my epithet is Josh and as ever my goal here is to give you an honest unbiased look at the IT firms that claim to secure our online act as we browse the Internet in this comprehensive IVC review I’m going to give you a quick look at the desktop and portable apps we’re going to dive into the features and claims they make and then we’re going to look at a company behind the application I’ll wrap it up with my summary and recommendations that you can skip to now if you’d like to using these assembly markers here agassiz VPN is an app that is designed to encrypt your internet data between your device and a VPN server a connection that is meant to add an extra layer of security through existing encryption measures like HTTPS and others as with any VPN IBC is not the endall beall solution for your personal online insurance needs listen to me carefully you are able to never are dependent upon a only piece of software to secure you 100% of the time that being said IVA C offers an easy way to stream global content securely download files and escape internet censorship and as you’ll see in simply a moment they do so with beautifully designed suite of apps that have been slowly iterated since they first launched the service in 2007 so before I start talking about the different features and benefits let me jump onto my desktop computer and give you a look at the software so when I firstly open up IVA C on my computer and log in this is what you’re gonna insure right here and this is common on a lot of VPNs where you just have a big power button and then the ability to choose from servers in a number of different countries so you can choose by country you can choose by specific municipals now but what actually represents IAC unique is that here on the left side you can actually choose the best server based on what you’re wanting to time whether that’s securely download documents stream or unblock censored contents so if we want to do secure downloading we have the ability to choose specific servers that are for p2p downloading and there’s a limited number now that you can choose from if you’re looking for streaming it you appear and prefer specific types of services that you want to stream they’re really all they’re doing is they’re going to be connecting you to the servers from the country for which that streaming service compels so for example Netflix us is going to connect you to a US server whereas BBC is going to connect you to this server in the UK and then finally unblocking precisely gives you the ability to search and this is where you know you do want to search for the United Country or you can search for you know a country that is closer to yourself if you want to go to Singapore and connect to Singapore but certainly it precisely allows you to select the server that you want the my histories just gonna show you accurately your user ID and how long your contrive is you can install this under the manoeuvres and then the deep-seateds is surprisingly thin I can tell it where I want it to start the app I can have it start in the unblocking section or start in the secure dial noting and then genuinely it really simmers down to you know where I want to connect what you’re gonna notice missing here at least on this Mac version is it doesn’t gives people me capacities necessary to connect different protocols different bond protocols I don’t have a VPN Killswitch on Mac that’s available on Windows and Android so there are some differences like there are many VPNs between the fits that are available on different pulpits and Mac OS is surprisingly thin here we’re gonna look in merely a few moments at the iOS to see what’s different but actually that’s all we’ve got so I’m going you know when I is attached to a server it’s just going to take a marry seconds to find that I’ve got to allow that connection if this is the first time that I’m abusing IVA C on this particular computer and then it’s going to show me where I’m connected great now let’s transition to my iPad where you can see how the mobile app performs so I’m here on the IVC app on my iPad which merely reinforces biography state interestingly not landscape mode so it glances precisely like I would like it would if I was using my phone but like a lot of VPN apps right now it’s just got this big power button which if I’m set to automatic and I pick that power button it’s going to find the most wonderful available server which is usually the nearest one in my suit Malaysia and then connect to that server so I’m gonna go ahead and disconnect now and see you one of the reasons why a lot of parties find this very easy to use app especially if you’re not tech savvy is that it separates it down into three reasons why you’d be using a VPN streaming downloading and unblocking so if I were to say I’m gonna river and I’m gonna series the BBC it’s going to connect me automatically to a server in the UK and then it’s going to give me the option where it’ll merely automatically move me over to BBC iPlayer I don’t want to do that right now but that exactly manufactures it a little bit easier and more userfriendly so I can scroll through which Tv busines I want to be watching it’s not necessarily going to mean that I have that I have a login for those services but it precisely means that I’m going to connect to the appropriate VPN for that if I wanted to do assure downloading I can turn on secure downloading so it’s going to choose specific peertopeer servers and then if I require simply general unblocking that’s going to allow me to search for specific countries where I would connect to those servers so that’s the purposes feature I could go into the locations and time search for specific countries or specific metropolis in general I would recommend unless you need to connect to a specific city or country that you just go with automatic to connect to the fastest server and then up here in the establisheds you’re gonna find a pair different things first of all the protocols if you if you retain back in Mac there was no option to change your protocols in iOS I’ve got the choice between iked to an IPSec and you’ve got different hand-pickeds you can do open VPN for Windows and Android but that’s not available for Mac and iOS manoeuvres so it’s slightly different depending on which platform you’re using they do furnish something called ondemand which is kind of a overturn flipped on what this entails is I could say that I want you know this service to be on all the time but I don’t want to review you right now I can enable specific orbits whenever I am connecting to and entering on to a specific service so let’s say I’ve set up Facebook or all things self-assured when I start entering on to those websites because I’ve situate them up as domains I undoubtedly VPN will automatically turn on encryption for the VPN encryption so that when I’m on those I am encrypted that’s a really interesting setting right there but actually that’s about all you’ve got here if you’re going to log into a TV they make it easy to do so exploiting a portable your portable app and time connecting with a QR code instead of having to type in a password which if you’ve ever try our best to do that with the remote is extremely frustrating and that’s really it it’s a simple app that works truly seamlessly is easy to use especially for those who aren’t definitely techsavvy so like I said beautiful apps for desktop and portable inventions that are incredibly simple to install and use as far as boasts move I want to distinguish between standard VPN features and those that are unique to the ifc software for example plainly offers 256 part encryption for all their alliances thousands of servers all across the globe unlimited bandwidth and no logs programme and internet kill swap although it’s only for Windows and Android and a 30 day moneyback guarantee but every VPN offers these features or at least they should so one of the features that impel is EBP and unique first they give you a generous ten simultaneous communications which means that you can connect ten different devices simultaneously to their servers on the same account most VPNs give you somewhere between three and six simultaneous ties so this is better than most IBC allows users to pay for the service exploiting a number of different payment options including cryptocurrency which astonishingly is the standard in the VPN world keep in mind though that the 30 day moneyback guarantee is not status for those working that obtain using cryptocurrency I really like their smart connect feature which focuses on the primary concludes you might be using the VPN namely streaming downloading and unblocking you don’t have to be tech savvy to use their apps if beings is often used to like the user knowledge they have what they call ondemand VPN which is an interesting feature I haven’t seen anywhere else you can enable the VPN to automatically connect any time particular websites or regions are accessed it’s a distinct spin on that split tunneling feature I’ve described in this video now and I think it’s a better mode of accomplishing the same objective they have been recognized as having some of the fastest server accelerations on the market which is a feature I don’t naturally mention because testing internet speedings assumes button of too many variables in my view that said if you’re a hardcore gamer who are required to lightningfast hastens I have a scene might be a great option for you and finally they not only give a dedicated app for amazon firetv which numerous VPNs give but they likewise have a code which is much less common in space these are all huge useful features but I feel like I need to mention one thing that I don’t quite like about IBC bpm as of this log they only offer a handful of older connection etiquettes as native options within the review platform apps as I already established you earlier their iOS app merely gives me options for I ke V 2 and IPSec while the Mac app doesn’t even give me those options if I want to use Open VPN on my Mac generally considered to be a more secure connection protocol I “re going to have to” download a thirdparty software and configure it manually and while other VPNs are racing to integrate the brand-new wire polouse etiquette coming generations of velocity and security and VP and protocols IOC is oddly silent ok the final segment of this IVC review is going to focus on who owns and flows the company in my opinion it’s extremely important to know who you’re entrusting your data with and most VPN corporations are extremely vague about their ownership ivc’s like most VPN corporations they have millions of these readers they’re engender tens of millions of dollars in income and yet they don’t tell you anything about who they are or who runs and owns the company I queried apparently about this and they mailed me to a strange clarity page on their website that purported to be written by a humankind specified journalist he can’t make this stuff up who had an informal questionandanswer session with a random guy worded Frank and IVA C which was only published on their website anyway the whole thing is poorly written and caters very little in the way of information so due to the lack of information provided by obviously themselves I’ve had to piece together my own picture of their companionship based on what I could dig up online older VPN reviews point to the fact that obviously was once owned at least in part by a Pakistani company called Gannett tech and frankly being located in Pakistan doesn’t matter to me although I do find it satirical to find a VPN company primarily based in a country that disallows VPNs and that’s probably why in 2016 the company and basi was officially moved to Singapore under the particularly equivocal specify PMG Private Limited my guess is that this is just a eggshell company like most VPNs their workforce is spread all across the globe so why should this matter to you well I must say this over and over and over again in these VPN re-examine until service industries changes privacy and safety are a product of trust and they are empty marketing calls when I have no clue who I am entrusting my data with in the end it’s going to be up to you to decide how comfortable “youre with” an opaque ownership example so what’s my final opinion on IBC TPM I give them high lines for developing a service that offerings numerous privacy focused payment alternatives excellent apps and distinct boasts like smart connect and ondemand VPN I care they are able to natively integrate open VPN or cable guard protocols and I’m too not a big fan of companionships whose entire corporate formation is disguised behind a wall of privacy overall I rate them a 4.3 aces out of 5 which declare it’s a very subjective number but for those who want a userfriendly smart connect boasts at a budgetfriendly price actually low price is a VPN furnishes an excellent price there if this video was helpful for you please give it a thumbs up questions go in the comments below and I always hearten you to subscribe and click that little Bell button for all things self-assured YouTube channel I genuinely appreciate it a great week

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