VPN vs Tor: Which to Use? | NordVPN

VPN or Tor? Both of them are implements designed for enhancingonline privacy. But which one to choose? Tor, also called The Onion Router, is theanonymous network of volunteer-operated servers that can be accessed only with the Tor Browser. When you use it to access any website, yourtraffic enrolls the Onion network, goes through at least two random nodes and then leavesthrough a third random exit node instead of traveling directly to a destination website. Speaking of VPN, it sends your traffic througha single remote server, encrypting it all the way so no one can see what you do online. So both VPN and Tor protect your Internettraffic and your IP address. What about significant differences? The key hardship of Tor is that theresalways a risk that the volunteers running the network arent trustworthy.You never was aware that you trust to keep youronline communications private. In assumption, a single person or organizationcan own thousands of Tor nodes to spy on customers traffic. What is more, VPNs are easier to use and alsogenerally faster than Tor since meanings pass through only one VPN server instead of threeTor nodes. Too, VPN protects ALL your joinings, whileTor protects only those on the Onion network. So if youre looking for an online securitytool for everyday use, VPN is a more practical solution. If you seek maximum security and privacy whilebrowsing the web, you may like the relevant recommendations of compounding Tor with a reliable VPN service.The easiest way to do it is to use NordVPNsOnion over VPN feature. To learn more about online privacy and security, dont forget to subscribe to our Youtube channel !.

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