How to Increase VPN Speed | Max performance tips

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Want to learn how to increase VPN speed? You’re going to want a solid VPN with good protocols, server locations, and more. Confused? Don’t worry, I’m going to explain everything.

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00:45 Features to speed up VPN
01:00 What are the reasons why VPNs slow down?
01:40 How to increase VPN speed?
02:30 Does upgrading ISP increase VPN speed?

**Change the protocol **
There are many legitimate ways you can increase your VPN speed that are super easy. The first is to change the protocol. Most VPN protocols are OpenVPN over UDP or TCP, and some networks place restrictions on the speed of some protocols. By experimenting, you’ll find the fastest one for you.

**Change server to a location near you**
You want the server to be as close to your actual location as possible. If you’re in the UK, aim for the UK or Europe, rather than New Zealand. You can also do this to get around congested servers.

**Upgrade your ISP and/or VPN**
Another solution is to upgrade your ISP. Simply put, if your internet provider isn’t fast enough, then your VPN never will be. Take a look at what speed your ISP is providing you with, and if it is inadequate, consider an upgrade.

** Use a wired connection**
The first is that if you’re using a wifi connection, replace it with a wired one. Not only will this be faster, but it will be much more stable. The second is that you don’t want to have a VPN set up on your router. Your router is unlikely to be able to match the speeds of your device itself. So when in doubt set up your connection on your device, not your router.

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