Hi guysSee you again at the Mikrotik tutorial in this tutorial we will discuss about engineering or protocol referred VPN because in previous videos in the comments column countless invite how is that VPN what is VPN how it works in this video I will discuss introduction or concept of what a VPN is what is the use of VPN when we use VPN and what are the types of VPN and in the next video we will discuss in more detail each type of VPN for those who haven’t subscribedplease subscribe first and don’t forget to click the bell because you will get a notification when we uploaded the latest video we will discuss about VPN in this video and the video this time will discuss aboutintroduction or perception of VPN the increase of VPN is Virtual Private Network when do we use VPN? do we need to use a VPN at the time? there are two points and we want to connect with one cable or one internet argument directly connected although physically far apart if we lease fiber optic cable business or wireless infrastructure and others that require direct tie may experience difficultiesand use expensive costs because maybe we are required to rent a special fiber optic cable infrastructure from Yogyakarta to Jakarta to connect the head office in Jakartato the branch office in Yogyakarta it will definitely cost a lot of money if for example at country offices in Jakartathere is internet service at the branch office in Yogyakartathere are also Internet business we can make one link between Jakarta and Yogyakarta bureaux so that these two points are connected this is the use of VPN like this is the first lesson we can connect two powers for example both help local IP for example the local network that is here for example, want to access the fileon a regional server in another branch office or use a printerwhich is in another branch office something like that that we can connect squandering VPN so its function is to connect two nodes or two bureau systems which is far apart and we cannot connect directlythen we can use VPN for example if we work remotely so we are not always in the office and sometimes we work on the road or outside the city and it is impossible for us for 24 hours at the power there must be a time when we go home and we encounter a server in the position with shatter which requires usto log immediately into the office server with these conditionsusually we can use VPN so we can do it through our laptop we will dial VPNto the router in the power after we represented it into the routerin the position only then can we access the local networkin the role so we have to connect via VPN first then we can connect to the neighbourhood serverthat is in the part system why does the server usage regional IP? even though some people must have thought that a server must use public IP for security issues sometimes we usePrivate IP on the server so that it cannot be accessed via the internetby time anyone for example we use a register server maybe there are also servers for fiscal troubles if these servers use public IP it will be very risky that the server can be accessed by anyone via the internet because of some of these thingswe give private IP on the server and because the server helps private IP then we cannot access the serverfrom outside our network because it exercises a private IP or neighbourhood IP if we are outside the part structure and we want to access the server we must be connected via VPN firstly so we have to use VPN that builds it possible as if we werelocated in the local network of the office so we can access servers that use local IP on the local network of offices because some of these things VPN must be secure because we want to access a regional server that should not be accessible to the public so if we are in a local role networkboth use the office’s regional IP certainly the network will be very safe formerly we are connected on the internet network if we use a VPN that is not secure of course the risk is very big because there may be a lot of sensitive data for work interests because that is almost all VPNs almost all types of VPN there must be data encryption so extending data so if you have established a VPN pathbetween one nodes to another data that overtakes in the middle already encrypted so anyone in the middleor the infrastructure that data guides through whoever finagles the routerfor existing infrastructure can be ISP, NAP and others will be very difficult to see the data that is missed so the VPN must be secure because of this, the VPN is definitely encrypted then if everyone can accidentallydial into the VPN means that our VPN is not secure anymore because everyone will be able to access the neighbourhood IP and because of these problemson VPN there is also an authentication feature in addition to securing data with encryption which is used to secure data that oversteps so it can’t be seen and changedby unsolicited parties there is more security using authentication to choose who can log in or not who can connect employing VPN and not so so if last-minute learn on each type of VPNalmost all of these features there is a username password so that can the secure link be encrypted we can also choose who can use VPN because there is an authentication feature like that some functions and specifications of VPN then sometimes we are in the network with the circumstances we cannot access particular servers because maybe at every point or networkhave different plans because of this we can use VPN to certain servers so for example I already have a VPN server and on the network on the VPN serverinternet access that is exactly what I require than I follow policy access on specific systems there are very many restrictions because of that I will make a VPN connection out of the network connect to my VPN server and after I successfully connected to my VPN server as if I’m not there anymoreon the present part structure but it’s as if it’s already on the same networkwith my VPN server so that there I can do full controlfor what can be seen and cannot so not only to bypass the filter but vice versa we can use that VPN server precisely the filter while on our home network want to access anything must go through a filter therefore we must connect to VPN so it can be like that too so in essence not only for bypass but how are we can use internet access and likewise the prefilage according to the provides available on the VPN server not from the point of our structure so like that We can use VPN servers for a number of things so it’s as if we are somewhere else other benefits besides bureau difficulties earlier other than to access the server some firms use a lotmail server which requires to be accessed via regional IP so if we are outside the place then we must connect via VPN first to check email countless do that very because if we have a mail server that is not secure for example without authentication or there is authentication but only plainuse port 25 and others or port 110 which is without protection Of course such a situation will be very vulnerable for parties to collapse that’s why we need to provide a private IP on the server before we can access our forward server we have to connect to our power VPN server after connecting to VPNthen we can access our mail server this is an example of application to use VPN there are many other examples for example like this we have internet access access bandwidth is large exclusively to local networks for example simply to IIX( Indonesia Internet Exchange) but Bandwidth access to international is very small so if we use internet access as usual if we access a domestic server can be very fastmaybe it can be up to 100 Mbps but when we access the server with American IP speed becomes low-spirited maybe it can be up to 1Mbps or 2Mbps because perhap we subscribe to the ISP which has international bandwidth accessnot too big many internet coffeehouses suffer difficulties like this how do you handle it? how to find an ISPwhich provides VPN access where the ISP must also have huge bandwidth access to the international market so for example The ISP is located in Jakarta because there is cheaper Bandwidth access to international expenditures and they offer toVPN subscription there and offers to be able to have 10 Mbps of international access bandwidth if we still use internet access before this is the only way have bandwidth access to small international that’s why we need to use a VPN offered by an ISP from Jakarta so we subscribe to the VPN there from there we can only get 10 Mbps of international access bandwidth if we talk about implementing VPN on Mikrotik manoeuvres there are various types of VPN that we can dowith Microtic machines and these types are very common because many are also found in other firebrands of equipment the first time i was ever PPTP( Point to Point Tunneling Protocol) although now on several operating systems previously does not support PPTP because it is considered not secure the second largest is SSTP( Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol) This type of VPN implements the same portwith https access port TCP port 443 and when we scan our traffic as if access is doneis access to the https website so it is rare to block this port because this type of VPN uses a portthe same as https if the https port is blocked then we cannot access a number of things therefore, it is rare for ISP to block the https port then there is another type of L2TP VPN or stands for Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol that uses Layer 2 then there is also OpenVPN This type of OpenVPN tends to be brand-new and widely used and security is quite high of these types of VPNs each will haveseparate encryption method even on some types of VPNwe can choose what encryption do you want to use so if we elect higher encryption which has higher encryption flecks of course it will be more secure so we can do many different thingswith VPN we can choose the type of VPN we can choose the type of encryption things like this that will improve the security of the VPN that we will reach what are the differences between various types of VPN? which character is better to use? is there a type of VPN that is usedfor certain conditions? and also various other types you can see that explanation in the next videos because in the next video we will discuss each type of VPN therefore you don’t forget sound like and too share so that many people can watch Don’t forget to subscribe and too sounds the buzzer so you can get notifications if we upload the next video see you in the next videos

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