Atlas VPN review | Is this new FREE VPN really safe and private?

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Many of you have been asking, what is Atlas VPN and how good is it? This new, free VPN aims to be the best free VPN on the market, and its popularity is growing. I’m here to do a full Atlas VPN review, I’ll answer all your crucial questions.

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1:13 Privacy
1:40 Security features
1:57 Performance
2:25 Streaming
2:45 Torrenting
3:00 Ease of use
3:19 Apps & compatibility
3:45 Censorship
4:12 Customer support
4:59 Pricing
5.24 Bottom line

Atlas VPN is based in the United States, which doesn’t have the best track record for respecting people’s privacy. However, Atlas VPN does minimal logging, which is unusual for a free VPN service, and the data can’t be traced back to users. In fact, the free version doesn’t even require you to open an account. You can also write to Atlas VPN support and request that they edit or delete your data.

You can unblock Netflix with the free version of Atlas VPN, these are the Atlas VPN Netflix libraries. It can also unblock other streaming favourites.

Atlas VPN is free, so you can use it on an unlimited number of devices, but right now, it only supports three platforms. The Android and iOS apps are similar, and they both offer the full range of features. Atlas VPN for Windows is the latest addition, and it’s a lot like the Atlas VPN Android app.

Getting around internet censorship is a difficult task for VPNs, and the jury’s still out on whether Atlas VPN can manage it. Some users in China claim it can, but because it’s such a new VPN, there’s really not much info out there. I’d like to pass the question on to you – have you managed to bypass government firewalls and access restricted sites with Atlas VPN? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about your experiences.

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