PureVPN Review | Is a Hong Kong-based VPN safe in 2021?

– Okay, let’s move beyondthese ego metrics and marketing hype for a moment, shall we? Instead, let’s answer thetwo most important questions that you need to know, here. Does the service worklike it’s supposed to, and can you trust this companywith your internet data? Hey folks, thanks for joiningme here at All Things Secured. My name’s Josh, and today we’re taking adeeper look at PureVPN, a company that was started in 2007 and claims to serve either three million or seven million people worldwide, depending on where youlook on their website. We’re gonna walk throughinstallation and setup on both desktop and mobile manoeuvres before we discuss thevarious pros and cons of using this busines. Stick around at the end, where I’m gonna share with you some investigativereporting on who actually owns and guides PureVPN, which should be fun.I’m pretty sure you knowwhat these period markers imply, so if you’re still with me, let’s go ahead and move over to my laptop. Now, when you first open up PureVPN, the software on your desktop, this is what you’re gonna identify. You’ve got your dashboardwith the connect button, and then the abilityto choose from servers in different countriesor different municipalities, or even favoriting the onesthat you use most often. Now, the direction that PureVPN designs is it gives you a numberof different modes. These procedures include streaming, whether that’s Netflix, BBC, Hulu, and others, internet free, which is getting around censoring, security and privacy. You’ve also went filesharing and dedicated IP. Now, in most cases, this is really precisely auser ordeal thing. It’s not changing toomuch on the locations intent, other than maybe file sharing, which exploits specific serversfor P2P file sharing. And then, of course, dedicated IP, but that is an add-onthat you need to pay for if that’s something that you want. Most of the time, I would simply recommend going with internet freedom or streaming, although here you can actually choose which website you’re trying to brook. And then all it’s going to do is connect to the appropriate country that will allow you tostream that content. So, if you look into the fixes, what we’ve got here otherthan exactly the choice modes is just different appsettings for how you start up, whenever you start your computer, or whenever you start PureVPN. You can select your protocols. They’ve got a few different protocols, including IPsec, L2TP, OpenVPN. They recommend doing automatic. One of the things thatyou’ll see missing here is the WireGuard protocol, which is a newer, more efficient, in some ways consideredmore secure protocol. It’s something that I expected PureVPN, and they don’t seem to have any, any judgments of implementingthat anytime soon. You’ve got a lot of different languages.You’ve got structure category, which I would just notplay with that at all. You’ve got advanced options for security, which is just another way of saying, will they defect you if you don’t have your VPN connected every five minutes. And I think that’s just ridiculous. Why would you wanna do that? And then turning on the kill permutation, which I think you should do. I’m surprised that’s not on by default. You can become a beta tester. You too have the abilityto do port forwarding, which, if you don’t know what that is, you’re probably not gonnause it and it doesn’t matter, but it is there forthose who want to use it. You can are searching for informs, help and feedback, submit a corroborate ticket. And then, of course, you can log out. If I is attached to a server in the USA, it’s gonna make a quick connection, and then it’s also going toshow me my new IP address, and all I need to do is close this out, and I’m good to go.( upbeat music) Now quickly, I wanna makemention of the browser extension.You’ve got a PureVPN browser extension, which will not secure allof your internet associate. It’s actually simply goingto secure the connection, any data that you usethrough that browser. So, for instance, if I’mconnecting on Chrome, but then I want to access the internet through Firefox or something else, it’s not gonna be encrypted, except for anything thatI do through Chrome. So, you can connect here. You can select a countryor favourite websites. There’s not a whole lotin terms of your arranges that you have , not so much better, at least, as youhave on your desktop software.But it is gonna give you that alternative if you don’t want to launch an part app, or if you really wannause it on your browser, they’ve got expansions forboth Firefox and Chrome. Okay , now I’m gonnagrab my iPad to show you what the PureVPN app lookslike on a portable machine. Unlike many other VPNs, the PureVPN mobile app issignificantly different in design than its desktop counterpart.You have just this homepage, which is a quick connect button, and that connect button’sgonna connect you to the fastest, usuallyclosest available VPN server. But if you’d rather have more control, you can click down here on orientations and move through allthe different metropolitans or even the countriesthat they have available. And of course, you canfavorite specific servers, and that will sync between yourdesktop and portable machines. As far as locates disappear, you’ve got the abilityto choose your protocol, which you have IPsec and IKEv2. One of the things you’llnotice missing here on iOS is an OpenVPN protocol, which they do have on Android. They also don’t have WireGuard, which I was talking about earlier. You can change the language. You have what’s known as on require VPN, which is basically split tunneling, a different honour for split tunneling, where you can say on specific regions, it will automatically connect to the VPN. This is very, very similar to Ivacy VPN, who also offers a lotof these same lays and has moderately of an interesting history with PureVPN. You can defer a subscribe ticket, and then, you know, do a little more in terms of precisely sending them different ideas.But frankly, there’s not a great deal you cando in the positions, now, other than going up here, and you can execute a ping measure, which will tell you whichof the servers are closest and therefore probably the most wonderful. This is something you can do on the desktop software as well. The app is just really goodfor connecting to a server. So, formerly it’s connected, you’re gonna learn up here the VPN icon that lets you know thatyou are connected to a VPN, and then you can exit out of this app and really continue usingany app that you want on your iOS device or onyour mobile design interval, whether you’re using Android or iOS, and know that your data is being encrypted and that you are connectedto the VPN server.All in all, PureVPN representsa usual VPN service with an app that operates more or less like every other virtual private system I’ve inspected now on this canal. They give the standardfeatures you expect with any VPN nowadays, including 256 -bit encryption, 24/7 live chit-chat customer support, an extensive network of globalservers, a kill button, and standalone apps forall the major stages where you might need a VPN. They have a number ofVPN connection protocols make their own choices, although the popularnew WireGuard protocol is noticeably absent. These are all good facets to have, but they’re announced standard for a reason.Every VPN offers these. So, what does PureVPNoffer that is unique, or at least not as commonamong its competitors? First, they allow for peer to peer traffic for servers located in countries where it isn’t specifically illegal. The PureVPN apps furnish a ping test, which automatically coordinates VPN servers from fastest to slowestbased on your point. It’s a helpful piece, in my view, and I’m honestly a little bit surprised that this isn’t more common. PureVPN has dedicated IP andport forwarding features, both of which are paid add-ons. And if you don’t know what they are, there’s a pretty good chancethat you don’t need them, and I personally don’t feel the need to pay for them, either. Ultimately, as you examined earlier, the desktop version of PureVPN proposals different modesthat might be desirable for less tech-savvy customers. It’s very similar tohow the Ivacy VPN acts, which, as I’ll justify in a moment, might not be a coincidence. But wait, isn’t this thefastest VPN service ever? Frankly, I don’t like quickened experiments, and mine were fairly inconclusive when I was likening with other services like Surfshark and ExpressVPN.But I think it’s safe to say that PureVPN isn’t the fastest VPN ever. Is it fast enough for what you need? Probably, but it’s not the most wonderful. Okay, let’s stop and talkabout privacy and trust. It’s impossible to talk about PureVPN without mentioning a suit back in 2017 where PureVPN cured the FBIconnect the real identity of a humanity in Massachusetts who was cyber-stalking use the VPN. Now, if you’re watchingthis video right now in hopes of using a VPNfor illegal purposes, let me stop you right there. No patch of software , no matter how many independent reviews prove their no logs plan, is to be able to obstruct you 100% private. Not a VPN , not a Tor browser , not even a VPN over a Tor browser. If you read the privacy policy on any VPN, including that say ano log program like PureVPN, you’ll see that they do in fact log a naked minimum decide of data. They all do. But that doesn’t really bother me as much as vague ownership.It’s something I harp on inany review that I do of VPNs. The foundation of security is trust, and how can I rely acompany that I don’t know? So, who is PureVPN? In a nutshell, PureVPNis owned by GZ Plan, which is registered in Hong Kong, but appears to have somestrong ties with Pakistan. It’s impossible to be 100% sure, but I conclude PureVPN shares or has shared these Pakistaniconnections with Ivacy VPN, which just so happens to both got a lot of the same pricingstructures and app layout. Coincidence? Eh. I don’t really care aboutthe ties with Pakistan, but with the recent changesin Hong Kong security principles that give China unprecedentedaccess to information on companies and individualswithin the region, because of that, the future of Hong Kong as a centre of privacy is now in question.This is all surmise, but it’s worth keepingin recollection as you consider whether or not you can trust PureVPN with all your internet data. I was told by a representative that they’ve shut downtheir Hong Kong servers and they’re currently looking forward to alternatives to relocate the businessif the situation deteriorates. But as of this recording, this is still an issue. Overall, it’s a solid app that effectively bypassescensorship, encrypts your data, and unlocks internationalstreaming services like Netflix and Hulu.I have some serious reservations about their ownership and Hong Kong base, but I recognise I’m probablymore paranoid than most. So, it’s really up to you. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments. Check out more of my VPN re-examines here, as well as general personal safety tips-off in these playlists. Thank you so much, and Iwill see you next time ..

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