GCP This Month – New Cloud Functions regions, Cloud VPN updates, and a new Cloud SQL feature

Hello, shadowed gurus. I’m Broadus Palmer. And I’m back with another episode of GCP this month for October, 2020. Now this month, we rounded up all the latest news and bulletins for the Google cloud platform. With Google wrapping up its ninth week of Google cloud on breeze convention last month, we have a few less bulletins to cover that we had in the previous month, but this has to stop Google from deterring the exciting information coming. We’ll take a look at brand-new parts for mas operates and informs for gloom bar/ sub VPNs and gloomed SQL. So sit back and experience this incident of GCP This month. Let’s start our Quick Bites off with some revises to cloud Serves. Cloud serves are available in 11 more regions. Cloud functions is now supported in 11 more neighborhoods across North and South America, Europe, the middle East Asia and Oceania. This raises the total number of available neighborhoods to nineteen. Now with the first spheres to host cloud performs in South American and Australia, this opens the Gates to new customers and orientations. Previously unavailable mas saloon/ sub say is now in general availability.This pub/ sub piece that allows you to ensure your letters are delivered in the chastise degree is now in GA. This may be relevant to messages with the same dictating key. There are an insane region while many works don’t need force tell – a movement website, for example, would just go and find airline expenditures. This could be critical for someone like an online auctioneer where requiring would be critical to know who has the highest bid. Pub/ sub light-headed is now in GA.If you’re using pub/ sub and looking to reduce costs, tavern/ sub illumination is now in GA and might just be what you’re looking for. This is a single region explanation of pub/ sub. And while it does have more limit and less defect endurance, it could offer a lot more savings than your standard inn/ sub product. Economy of scale is critical in gloom engineering. The difference between 2 pennies and 20 cents isn’t much, but with enough use, that could be the difference between $ 2000 and $20,000. This may be a chance for important penalty optimization. Cloud VPN partial deprecation announced. Google has announced a partial deprecation of classic VPN.And from October, 2021, there would be no classic VPNs whatsoever. Although your existing ones would continue to work. So now’s a good time to think about refurbishing to the brand-new ha VPNs. Firms extending deprecated engineering is always a risky thing in case something break-dances. Now this is a good chance for firms working classic VPNs to remember 12 months onward. Cloud SQL deny maintenance seasons available for cloud SQL.Google pioneered new repudiate upkeep intervals for gloom SQL. This allows you the ability to prevent automated upkeep during specific periods mitigating the health risks for outages or performance degrading at critical times. With the anniversary season fast approaching and their own economies 2020, every second counts. Nobody wants annoyed tweets from patrons about their website being slow or suffering outages and going to the competitor instead. While we should never forestalled revises altogether, we should consider if there are cases where this facet will be useful in the coming months. All right, that’s it for our speedy chews, let’s dig a little bit deeper into GCP Gem for this month. Google has renamed and relaunched this G suite platform as Google workspaces. The G suite platform enables countless firms, including a vapour leader to use Google productivity tools like Gmail, Google calendar docs, Google drive, and more. These converts were foreshadowed in their bulletin at next on aura, back in July, they now bring the branding and more in line with their existing Google naming conventions.Now this rebranding includes some new garb icons for existing services and it could mean we realise additional UI modernizes for the ingredient services to make apps feel more uniform across the board. Google has added new boasts that will allow you to work more efficiently within the platform, including the ability to preview link files and docs, sheets, and slides without having to open a new invoice, saving you more period for moving between apps.Google has also flagged future integration across their commodities. So we can look forward to using Google meet video chat with Gmail or with apps like Google doc, which could reach live collaboration a whole lot simpler. With everyone’s place changing drastically this year, you’re probably relying on virtual workspaces a lot more so it’s good to see Google is imparting some modernizes to compete with Microsoft’s integrated Teams offering. With the end of all the great edicts let’s move to my favorite part of the indicate, Guru of the month.[ Inaudible ]. Two of our entrants Abirami and Lav were very close with their answers this month. So special kudos should be given for that. But this month was a tricky one because the answer we were looking for was actually “leave the defaults alone”. So I winner for this month’s GCP Guru of the month is Russell Lane, who is a cloud consultant for Marton New Zealand. Congratulations, Russell, we’ll be sending you a attention packet, continuing to exclusively designed t-shirt and some stickers. Now for all you other leaders who want a special prize package, try your blessing by answering the questions which can be found at the link below.We do want to know how you came up with the answer though. So make sure to give us your reasonings along with your answer. Thanks for assembling me on this episode of GCP This month, I’ve been your legion, Broadus, and I look forward to seeing you next time, preserve being awesome Cloud Gurus ..

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