This video is formed possibleby Atlas VPN. Another Bijay Shahi video … I’m so sorry … I attest this is the last thing I everutter about Bijay Shahi. Okay .. I have wasted enoughtime on this guy. Goodness me .. Alright, here’s a story…I didn’t even visualize I’d make a reaction video I reflected I’d time putmy last-place interrogation out and that would be that. But there has been an uproar.And frankly, I can’t thank you guys fairly All those sees you know .. I was reallyhappy that I applied the video out there for you to judge and collectivelyyou guys figured it out. Alright let me just come outand say it. I went scammed. By Bijay Shahi. I did. Not gonna profes like I didn’t. He got me..He got me good. But with all of your reactions, youhelped me to kind of reassess and discuss what happened in the interview.And a lot of the things you guysare saying are I think in the right direction .. I don’t knowif it’s as simple as you make it sound. There are some things that are wrongwith your sentiments or theories of what happened. But there are specific things thatI can prove And I will prove it inthis video that without a doubt showthat this was a scam. And that Bijay … is full of crap. For those of you whoare new to this channel … Welcome … I normally don’t justfocus on scam artists or people who claim to have good memories.Although I do react sometimes to those things Generally you will find memory tipsand helpful things.So from now on, we aregoing back to that. If you are a new reader, Thank you. you will see more ofthat material come through here. And to bring you up to speed, there’s this guy He announce himself “The memory King.” He claim to do these crazy thingswhere he can memorize a journal in 10 minutes. And he has been outed, being called the scam artist … fraud. I responded to one of his videosand invited him for an interview. I could challenge himand figure out if he’s real or not. Anyways, I happen to bein Nepal recently, We did the interview.I posted the interview. It should not sitwell with most people. And I try to keep myself as non-biasedas possible .. really an interviewer asking questions, saying what he’s doing and let you guysmake the decision. But I have some thingsto say … I have specific evidencethat undeniably are demonstrating that what Bijay didin the interrogation is a complete show, a scam, it’s a whole behave. But firstly let’s go over some of the theoriesand projects that beings had over specific comments’ cause they are very goodand probably very close to the truth.So I’m employ a footage fromMissguided Nepal which is a channel thatposted a really well edited video analyzing my interrogation. And we’re gonna gothrough the points that this person makes and what I think about them…Maybe give a little more context. I wanna provide all the informationthat is out there. I like to play devil’s advocate. 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And now, back to the video wherewe prove the Bijay Shahi is a phoney. Let’s dive in. The maiden in the video somehowswitched out papers She recorded it and wrote the answerand the somehow swapped it when I wasn’t inspecting. Now, I’ll say before anything, This is very possible that it happened.I am not ruling it out. But I will provide somereasons why maybe some of that might be morechallenging than you as a spectator used to think But obviously, there’s one thing, that to me( and nothing actually imparted this up) impels this entire thinglook super fishy.And it’s not the girl, it’s notthe rends on the paper. I’ll testify you what it is. But I wanna address a couple of things that I’mseeing here from this person’s commentary So he says … … that..Uhh you are familiar with .. the discern power is a lot of whatBijay clarifies his capabilities or knowledge to be. And now they’re saying that that’s actuallynot quite what he said in past interviews.I didn’t knew that. Very interesting to me. If I knew that, I wouldhave taught him a little harder on that question. I don’t like that answer. It doesn’t sitwell with me. It’s such a cop-out like.. C’mon. Too, another person said that when I asked about, “When did you realizeyou had this superpower? ” and he said 2 years … I thought he meantsince he was 2 years old. which would have been a littlemore reasonable. Okay it’s a God caused knack. Great. Okay. You are born with it.Cool .. I picture for my misinterpret, it’s actually 2 years ago which to me is absurd .. Like you don’t precisely .. Unless you arejust hit in the honcho by a baseball bat Uhh .. Your ability somehowgets injured that you’ve unexpectedly realise you havethis ability. That doesn’t happen like that. So that already is anotherannoying red flag. Alright. One thing about this maiden shouldn’t really speak good English we just interacted..She gave me ..offered me coffee here..Brought me liquid and food.Umm she seemed to be theassistant of his office. But I will say they werevery hospitable. Right? All she is doing here apparently is … being a nice host .. right? Bringing me coffee, fetching me water. That’s a nice thing to do. Right? I didn’t thinkanything of it when I was in the room. Another thing to note, parties were saying you know .. they had a plan..they are gonna record what he said But let me remind you. Here’s one ofmy bar controversies if you will They didn’t know I was gonnado a single page. Right? You could see from the interview that theythought that I was gonna ask the part volume Now there’s no way Bijay’s gonnasit there see the part record from startto finish out loud.Right? That would havetaken at least 10 hours. Okay? And if she was recordingthe whole thing, how were they gonna know how tofind the sheet I was gonna ask them about? Right? Now, they might havehad another plan, … strategy out in situations where I did that..Who knows right? But for those of you saying thatthey had this figured out I know he steps away fromthe room a little bit. But is that enough time tosay like, “Hey. Let’s do proposal B” Or did they had this planned outin some capacity .. like, “Let’s do that.. scam B. the one that we talked beforeif he asks this … bla bla bla.” I don’t know. Seems pretty tough to havefigured out a mode to do this with me right there in the room. That’s pretty ballsy..But you know, if he is a true scam artist.if he is a true illusionist, magician, kinda guy.These kind of parties are well preparedon how to sucker parties. So who knows? Perhaps … Now, we examine she takes outa phone now. It’s black. Now, one thing the guysays in this video .. hang on is that she sets it by the sync. I don’t think this really mattersbut I don’t think she did settled it by the sink because watch..you can see You can see in the area herethat she is putting something in her back pocket.I would assume it’s her phone.Again it doesn’t matter if thephone is there. You know … she could haverecorded it from in the chamber, from just outsidethe room when the door was closed .. I don’t know .. But simply to pint that out that I don’t know if that’s quite accurate which is what this personis saying. And here even, if youwere to look, I think in her buttock pocket, you canactually ascertain the outline of the phone. So I review the phone is on her. Again, does that really make a difference? I don’t think so butjust to notes that out. Now, I do remember whenthis was happening .. I was like, “C’mon dude. Why are yougetting out of the apartment so many times? ” What are you upto now? And then he cameback with that little Kali Maa trinket. Um … I was like okay .. He is playing onthis religious thing and it’s important to him. I don’t know. But it was uncomfortablefor me to see him get out of the room so much.I didn’t like that..I was like what is he projecting. And he could have very welltalking to the girl and saying “Hey. Just record this and try to writeit out and … get it to me.” I don’t know how hewould have ..maybe they had some signals educated. But I don’t know how he would havelet her know with the door closed when to pass through the paper. Right? How did she know I was lookingTh other way.That kinda thing..I signify She was very verbalin what he was saying. could have been heardthrough the door but, you know it’s a lot of thingsto plan. Right? Just saying. Now one thing I will say is I did think that it wasweird that he talked out loud and what’s funny is if you were to go withthe conjecture that the status of women recorded him and wrote it outbased on what she discovered That procreates smell for the mistakesthat he has uttered here. Like for example, in the first cable it says, when he felt the mountain, This translated to when hisfield the mountain … So you are familiar with, there’s things that he would have said or enunciated incorrectlythat got translated kind of actually how it was written downwhich is .. pretty good signal that it was recordedand somebody wrote down what they heard. Now, on the flip side, if you listen to what he saysand you equate it to what he wrote,( or she wrote) some of the words he saidare missing.Um … Or they are different. That various kinds of hurls a rentionto that theme that she was listening to a recording and writing outwhat she heard. Because how can she write outstuff that isn’t there. Unless it’s done on purpose to givethe effect that it’s not perfect. You know what I necessitate? But have a listen, right? First of all,’ paws’ instead of this person wrote hand. If “youve heard” entrusts, like you did there, you would have written the’ s ‘, no? “The wall of rocks”, he says right? But here it says, “The wall rock.” He said, “Was collapsing .. ” and that doesn’t even show.Here it says, “Of washing .. cry flying…” or what ever this says..So … Of launder? Where did that collected from? Why would that personhave written that? If … It’s pretty clear, like if you didn’tsee the video and you are hearing that you wouldn’t write of washing, right? I don’t know. That saying that that’s not the waythat they did it.Umm … But maybe it’smore than that. Maybe a little different. Or maybe it’s not that exact victimize. Right.So it’s a different scam. Next let’s talk about the paperthat I rent. Okay? Here’s what I have tosay about that. Uhh … When I ripped it out you can see it’s not a excellent tear. Now the sheets in this bookhad a perforated shape, right? Meaning that it’s supposed to beeasy to rip in a straight line. Now, I don’t know … My nervesor just trying to do it fast enough I didn’t get it relatively. So I think..Again, I’m trying to remember what the hell happened exactly.But I think that I ripped it into the seam of the book. Meaning, the perforated edgewas still there. Now you can see it’s clearly spotty, right? But, if you look at this enclose,( I’m gonna screen-shot it) you can actually construe the perforated edge.Now why is that important? Well … When he’s doing his thing for the 30 minutes thatI am not seeming, there is a possibilitythat he evened it out. Right? he only plucked the working paper off ahh, so that was perfect. There is that possibility.I am not gonna rule that out. I can see myself. I am a professionist. If I examine that on even border and I wasjust kinda sitting there just trying to remember somethingout of boredom, I could see myself very welleven-ing out an erratic feature like that, Totally tolerable. Again, I never participated where did the paper run Maybe put in his pocket like the shredsthat came off the two sides. But I concur, this is not the same jagged line as the one of the paperthat I have, right? There, it’s perfectly..Almost perfect here, right? So that’s interesting.Also, they were talking about howI wasn’t able to see the handwriting. He obstructed it from me. That is true. But I could seehe was writing something. Do I know what it was? No.. Did it look similar to what I goton the final paper? Yes, but again. I couldn’t seewhat it was writing word for word. So who knows? More on the paper issue last-minute. I have some certainly damning testify. It just made me decidethere and then that for sure , no question this was all a victimize. Alright. Now the next place that is a huge problem of course and Iknew it would be a huge problem for a lot of people and I even had a huge problem with itif course is that I had to turn away…At that time I was like, “Are you fu* king kidding me? ” After all this? After so much of letting mekind of be in the process you are now gonna tell meto look away .? That’s gonna killall credibility right there and that.And that’s it, I convey anything can happen technically in20-30 mins without anyone searching. Right? Now, what I will tell you for the most part, I hadhim in my preferral. Again, we were in this room together.I likewise could sounds. I was being very terribly shrewd .. Any hazard I could get, I was lookingat him in my preferral. you can see in the video thatthat’s not always the case. Could she have slid somethingunder the door? Definitely. Would I have heard it? Well maybe not. You know, like I was listening but I wasn’t listeningfor that. Right? Um .. But I do knowthat the door was never opened. I can tell you that muchbecause that door stimulated sound.And he didn’t move certainly from where he was sitting there. So, yeah .. I intend the other questionis where did the other paper become Maybe he only fold itand situated it in his pocket .. I don’t know … So now, here’s the thing that givesaway that this is most likely a defraud. Alright? And it has to do withthe paper as well. If you look at the paperhe gives me, there’s clearly a pleat downthe middle-of-the-road where it was folded. And actually there’s another onethis way too. It was folded and he gave it to me .. Over a few months last-minute, those puckers arestill there. Here, you can see them. If I comprise themin the sunrise .. There you go..You can see them easily. Now , notice the corners, I don’t know if you can see this .. But the regions have not yet been noticeablefold creases. Right? Like when you read a bookand you turn the sheet, right? If you look at the original page I established him, There is a noticeable foldhere at the bottom corner that doesn’t departure now. Now, the thing about paper, when you fold it, those puckers do not come out. They are there for eternity. I mean unless I’m wrong, right? Somebody prove me wrong. If you makea fold in a paper, can you get that crimp outas if it never happened? I don’t think you can do that. School .. A4 piece of paper.Whatever are you gonna call it. This is just out there.Am I wrong? I don’t care how much … You knowI have been having this paper stuck in this hard cover book, pressed.Right? So, maybe it was massaged out.You would still witness a unclear pipeline somewhereon this sheet if that was the speciman. Really want you to watch this … Alright. I managed to find a still, scoured through the footageand .. when he was doing the cancel, writing things on paper, and I tried to find a few moments where he turned the page overand I could freeze the enclose and sort of read maybe what he was writing. Because remember, I couldn’t seewhat he was writing. Per say I could kind off assure andit looked like he was writing I ensure ink on the pagebut couldn’t tell what it was Okay? But there is this formulated now, I’ll play it a duo ages So he was just turning over to write.Again he was taking a pause So..Little slower…There. Flip it over .. If I stop it right here, zoom in, Look at that, right … I drawa little argument that demo … I can’t readwhat it is … It’s still too blurry .. But I can tell for sure with 100% certainty that that first word and although looks like most of the linesthat are written so far are a decent amount of spaceaway from that margin line. Right? … Shown in right here. That is undeniable.It’s not touching the line .. Right? There’s like a little spread there. Am I crazy? No. This is what he gave me. Yeah … No divergence whatsoever. Now, if you amount these lines, here’sanother bit of ground. I’m sure you could geta assortment out of these.But that’s in me .. Speaks for itself.no need to go further. it’s down. It’s not the same sheet he gave mefrom the one he’s writing on right now. Done and done. But if you look on line nine here, I don’t know what that name is..He wrote something like meaning .. or … becoming … It ends in -ing. I can see the’ g’ there. Now, if we look at the same line on the thing he “ve been given”, that term does not look the same as the other one.And even the’ g ‘, the way he haswritten the’ g’ is not the same kind of low-toned hanging steal. Right? It’s a different kind of loop. So , no matter what you wanna believe you can’t deny that. It’s over Bijay, it’s over. You are done. Stop this crap soul. You consumed my epoch. I’m so angry.I’m really angry. I fell for the guy…I was too nice. I do that asserting “peoples lives” … But I was too nice and this guy..Uhh .. .. Well he trumps off in the snap to be honest..But … umm .. There it is. Bijay is a scam artist. And a fraud. Nelson Dellis, four timeUSA memory champion, told you so .. Now, one last thing I wanna talk about is his handwriting. At this moment I don’t really know if it matters to even talk about this But it is interesting neverthelessbecause it still shapes me wonder how he did this. Again, I don’t think it’s as simple as-he made the girl do it and she was recording…There are some inconsistencieswith that but this definitely was a scam. After I realized that you guys were right and maybe someone else wrote this, I contacted out to him immediatelyon Facebook to see if he would do something on camera..I recorded it had him write out a passagethat’s the same from here. Made him take a picture of it live on the label so I could compare the handwritings And this is what I got- These were the two handwriting samples. They look the same but somebody else, actually you guysreached out to me with handwriting tests from other, previous demos he has done. And it doesn’t glance the same at all.His handwriting has changed. Now, there could be explanations for this. Sometimes people’s handwritings convert but if this is the girl that wrote it, how can it be the same aswhat he simply revealed me? Did they civilize to match their handwritings? I don’t know.Maybe that’s not too hard-handed but it is something to think about.Right? How did they do that? In the end it doesn’t matter. Bijay is a fraud and I’m saying that … definitively.No more videos about this.I am moving on as all of you should. Forget this clownand exactly move on. He’s not worth anybody’s time. Nepal’s a beautiful country and doesn’tdeserve to be made a fool of by this one guy. Anyways that’s it. No more. I am done. This is the last video.Promise. Anyways, I hope that members can like my content.As I “ve said”, I’ll be more … recall related, supportive in the future. Because believe it or not, these remembering proficiencies are not divine influences. Anybody can do that. Yup. It’s true. So .. Please like and agree. Please share. And I’ll see you guys in the next video. I’m out ..

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