Best VPN for Android: TOP 3 Android VPN apps in 2020 + LIVE showcase

💥NordVPN – my top pick for the best Android VPN 👉
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3️⃣ VyprVPN review:

The vast majority of VPNs downloaded off Google Play really won’t protect your private deets. And with over 200 VPN Android apps on the Play Store, how can you know which ones are safe and worth your money?

Watch my review and find out which VPNs you can trust!

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***Which of the top 3 Android VPNs should you pick?***

– You’ll love NordVPN if you have a slightly higher budget and are particularly concerned with security and extra features.
– Opt for Surfshark if you’re looking to spend as little as possible and need a VPN for Android that services over 6 devices.
– Choose VyprVPN if you’re looking for a compromise between quality and price, or if you haven’t upgraded your phone in a while.

0:28 Why you can’t trust all VPNs on Google Play
0:53 Why you need a VPN for Android phone
1:25 VyprVPN for Android
1:49 How to use VyprVPN on Android: Live demonstration
2:51 VyprVPN speed test
3:39 Surfshark Android app: Live showcase
4:32 Surfshark VPN speed test
5:03 NordVPN for Android: Live demonstration
6:09 NordVPN speed test
6:30 Which VPN for Android should you pick?

***Why you need to install a secure VPN on your Android phone?***

– To protect you from malicious attacks that steal sensitive information when you’re using public Wi-fis.
– To allow you to stream awesome content from around the world.- To give you access to Google, Twitter and other censored sites if your internet is restricted.
– Finally, to let you access your company’s files, so that you can respond to work emails when you’re on the go.

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