ExpressVPN Review – Pros, Cons, Live Demonstration and My Overall Recommendation

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Transcript of ‘ExpressVPN Review – Pros, Cons, Live Demonstration and My Overall Recommendation’

Now, when I first logged on to the Express VPN website, I found the site itself to be very well laid out and quite informative. It seemed to any question that you’d want the answer to, you can find quite simply by looking through their menu system, as well as the VPN itself.

Their platform not only works on Windows or Mac, but you can also get apps on your iPhone or your Android device and these apps are fully featured too. Now, it’s not too uncommon for VPN providers to have apps these days, but that don’t just stop with the iPhone or the Android devices. They also have apps for things like the Chromebook, the Kindle Fire, the Nook HD, and selected routers from asis, Linksys or Netgear, as well as that there’s apps available for some of the more popular Linux systems.

Now one of the features which I personally find extremely useful is that if you’re using Chrome or Firefox, they actually have a browser extension for that. So you can actually have the app built into the browser so you don’t have to open it in a separate window. And on top of the already large compatibility list, they offer a media stream at DNS service for games consoles and things like Amazon, Fire TV and smart TVs. This isn’t strictly a full VPN. But it does let you watch things on these devices that previously would have been blocked. And if you own a device, which doesn’t have an express VPN app available, they actually give you a manual setup guide. So chances are, you’ll be able to get it on that device anyway, doing it this way won’t give you the full features of ExpressVPN.

Now a lot of people choose a VPN based on how many countries you can connect to and how many servers they have available. Now Express VPN And actually out there a lot of the competition on this one, they have 94 different countries available. And they have over 3000 servers that you can connect to around 3% of these servers are actually virtual servers.

Now, when it comes to the speed of the servers, ExpressVPN are definitely up there with the best. If you’re connecting to a server that’s fairly local to you, you can expect the reduction from your base speed of no less than about 10%, which is pretty amazing. If you’re connecting to a distance server speeds can drop to around 45% of your base speed. But again, that’s something which we have to deal with when using a VPN. And it’s nothing out of the blue. When I connected from the United Kingdom to a server, which is based in New York, which is a Ferro distance I barely noticed any reduction at all, which is pretty impressive. So if it’s speed that you’re after, I would definitely recommend Express VPN

Now let’s talk about streaming. With some of the large streaming sites lightning Netflix clamping down on the use of VPNs. A lot of the big VPN providers have actually stopped promoting this service. And they don’t usually advertise it, they can do it, but not with ExpressVPN.

The USA servers work particularly well. And there’s also working service in Canada, UK, Japan, France, Germany, and a list of other countries that really do work well with Netflix and other streaming sites. For example, I’ve been using the American service to watch Hulu, HBO Go and Amazon Prime and I know that if you’re in America, you can easily use the UK service to watch things like BBC iPlayer. Now another great feature that Express VPN has an offer is split tunneling. What this will allow you to do is to split your internet connection into one side will keep your VPN running and the other side We’ll just use your regular internet connection. This can be useful if you want to keep the speeds to its maximum. But you can also keep the VPN running on certain apps where you really need that protection.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer a free trial period. But that doesn’t really matter because they do offer a 30 day money back guarantee. So if for any reason within the first 30 days, you did have an issue, you can always get your money back, no questions asked. So in summary, I’d say that this is a great VPN with a lot of features, which is well worth checking out.

Hope you enjoyed my ExpressVPN Review!

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