Why I use a VPN: 5 REASONS to use a VPN explained

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Iโ€™m sure you use free public wi-fi in a coffee shop to do some work or just scroll around while waiting for a friend. But did you know itโ€™s the easiest way to get hacked?
Thatโ€™s just one reason why using a VPN is so important nowadays.

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1:14 Why do you need a VPN when using public wi-fi
1:38 How does a VPN protect my privacy
2:10 Why I use a VPN for streaming Netflix & other platforms
2:34 How a VPN helps to save money on booking sites
2:55 Can a VPN improve your connection speeds?
3:12 Should you use a VPN all the time?
3:40 My TOP 3 VPN choices
3:47 Other VPNs I recommend
3:59 What features should the best VPN have?

***WHY I USE A VPN? And 5 reasons why you should use it too***

1. So I often use free public wi-fi but public wi-fis are very unsecure. Hijacking your connection and accessing your data over a public Wi-Fi can be a basic level challenge for hackers.

2. Another reason why I use a VPN is cause I strongly believe that privacy is my fundamental right.

3. I stream often and I want more from my streaming experience. As you may already know, streaming services often donโ€™t offer the same shows and movies in every region. Pretty decent reason why to use a VPN, right?

4. Nevertheless, using a VPN can save me a surprising amount of money. Thatโ€™s because booking websites โ€“ for hotels, flight tickets, even online shopping and services – offer different prices based on your location.

5. Lastly, a VPN can actually improve my connection speeds. If your online activities are bandwidth heavy (for example, if you’re torrenting), your ISP may be throttling your bandwidth for certain activities.

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