Download torrents safely | 3 essential TIPS & TRICKS for everyone

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Did you hear about the Boston university student who was forced to pay $675 000 for some music? He got caught torrenting.
Proper VPN can help you with torrenting without reducing your download speed! This video will explain to you how to use VPN for torrenting.

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00:00 Intro
01:09 What are the essential steps to downloading torrents?
01:30 How to download torrents safely with a VPN?
03:00 What NordVPN servers to choose?
03:45 How to find a good torrent client?
04:45 How to select a good torrent site?
05:24 Bottom line: How to download torrents safely?

Don’t be afraid of torrenting, sharing files through Peer-to-Peer connection has never been as easy and efficient as it is now. And in order to not get confused for a lawbreaker, employ VPN to get top-tier security and privacy that will protect you while you are torrenting!
Some VPNs even let you set up specific connection settings for the torrenting application only, leaving your usual connection through browser and other apps unchanged. Learn more while watching this video or check our website to find out more about VPNs and torrenting!

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