Sophos XG Firewall (v17): Cisco IPSec VPN Client (for Apple iOS)

How to configure an IPSec VPN from aniPhone on the XG firewall side. From the left navigation menu of SFOS we scrolldown to System and adopt VPN, and then Cisco VPN Client. We can now define theVPN locates from this main page. We firstly enable VPN client functionalityand then select the external facing boundary that our VPN will connect to, which will be port 2. We will also define the authentication character which will bepre shared key with the passcode of Sophos1 23. We will then select the subscribers, which in this example is listed iPhone_user. We will then configurethe client-side message, which includes the name, the IP address range, and DNS locations for the remote consumers. Once we click the Save button we areprompted with a send telling us about pre-shared key changes. The VPN setup isnow complete on the XG firewall side. Now we proceedto how to configure an IPSec VPN from an iPhone, on the iPhone side. From ouriPhone we will navigate to Settings> General> VPN, and select add a VPNconfiguration. From now we will select IPSec as the VPN type, and then configurethe VPN constants. These must pair what we define on the XG firewall side.Theserver will be the IP address of the XG firewall’s port 2 interface, which is in this example. The history will be the user called iPhone_useruser that was created on the XG firewall side. The password will be the userspecific password, and finally the secret will be the same pre-shared keyconfigured on the XG firewall. In this example we are using the priestkey of Sophos1 23. Once we click Done to save this new VPN, we can now make itthe active VPN, and sounds the status prohibit to connect ..

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