Zenmate VPN for Chrome | Should YOU use it? (Full review)

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Some may say that German science is the best in the world. Being located in Germany, ZenMate can be a proof of this statement… or its downfall. It’s up to this Zenmate VPN review to make a definitive conclusion. Though, I will be specifically focusing on the Zenmate VPN for Chrome this time.

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Is Zenmate VPN safe?
1:57 Zenmate’s performance – good enough?
2:57 Streaming with Zenmate VPN
3:20 Zenmate VPN – Bane of P2P
3:43 Is Zenmate VPN worth it?
4:21 Conclusion

=== “Is Zenmate VPN safe?” ===

It’s a legit question, and the answer is uncertain. On one hand, it has outstanding security measures.

From the reliable AES-256 encryption to the array of features I don’t always see in proper VPN apps. The ZenMate Chrome extension is surprisingly secure on the software side. It’s actually impressive for me.

On the other hand, ZenMate VPN has an impressive privacy policy but not in a good way.

ZenMate pretends to keep no logs of user activity, while actively logging your IP, email address and some other personal information.

Unfortunately, it’s never explicitly mentioned what is and what isn’t logged by Zenmate, which is not a good sign.

If that wasn’t enough, logged information is then shared with third parties – a direct quote from Zenmate’s Privacy Policy is on screen in front of you.

Considering that Zenmate is, as I mentioned, under German jurisdiction, this country’s data retention laws and copyright infringement stance make the whole service far from private and secure for the users. Doesn’t really help that ZenMate is currently owned by Kape Technologies, a company previously involved in some really shady stuff concerning malware.

=== Speed and performance ===

Zenmate doesn’t really excel at providing good performance.

Equipped with standard OpenVPN protocol, it can’t offer fast connection in the same way modern protocols like WireGuard do.

Honestly, I’ve yet to see such a poor excuse for a “fast VPN”, my speed tests show huge speed drops even in the relatively close locations.

Even when examining ZenMate VPN for Chrome, the speed is not much better. And Zenmate VPN extension actually uses a proxy without encryption, which should improve connection speed. What’s really weird to me, is that Zenmate Chrome extension and the app too have access to over 4000 servers, and yet the speed is still bad.

This may be hinting on some real issues with server structure or poorly optimized coding. In any case, this kind of performance is shameful, especially for the proxy-only VPN for Chrome.

=== Streaming and Torrenting ===

And even if you somehow manage to get good enough speeds, streaming might be out of the question with ZenMate for Chrome.

I only managed to access Netflix US, and it took way more tries than I would be willing to put in to watch my shows. No other Netflix library worked for me with the Zenmate extension, and even some of the other streaming platforms were barely accessible no matter how much I tried.

Well, at least you technically can Stream, while I would absolutely refrain from Torrenting with ZenMate and especially with Zenmate for Chrome.

It’s not about speed even, I already know that ZenMate also logs user data and it’s located in Germany, which has some of the most severe copyright laws in the world.

Risking P2P in that condition is not in my bucket list, no thank you.

=== Conclusion ===

To conclude this ZenMate VPN review, this was honestly an interesting case. There’s nothing really wrong with it technically. Not the best VPN for Chrome because of the mediocre performance and speeds, but many VPNs are like that.

But for me, ZenMate is absolutely ruined by its Privacy Policy and jurisdiction. If you value your security and privacy online, I strongly recommend keeping ZenMate as far from yourself as humanly possible. If you are looking for the best VPN for Chrome extension, free to use, maybe there’s something in Zenmate for you, but only then.

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