Worst VPN 2022 | 6 worst VPN providers you should avoid!

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Just how one rotten apple spoils the barrel, one of the worst VPN providers could lead to a chain reaction of data leaks, anonymity breaches and malware infestations. Hi, I’m John from VPNPro and I’m here to show you what makes a VPN untrustworthy, and which services can be safely called the worst VPN 2022.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 How can a VPN be bad?
0:40 HolaVPN: The absolute worst VPN?
1:29 VPNbook: Worst VPN 2022?
2:00 OperaVPN: One of the worst options around?
2:46 EasyVPN: A template VPN provider?
3:36 OK VPN: Not so OK after all?
4:11: EarthVPN: A dead VPN you can still buy
4:39 Conclusion


The most egregious perpetrator of almost all the VPN sins is HolaVPN. I’ve talked about it before, and I won’t stop to let people know about this one. HolaVPN is not just a proxy, pretending to be a VPN, there might be no accounts of HolaVPN malware injections but don’t let it fool you. This VPN actively logs your information and includes your device in a P2P network of other Hola users. Then, HolaVPN actually sells access to your device as an exit node for their service, allowing anybody to do their dirty things through your IP address.


Amongst VPNs that log user data and sell it to advertisers, VPNBook is likely one of the worst VPN 2022. Based in Switzerland, and subjected to their data retention laws, it doesn’t care much about your privacy or security. VPNBook is notoriously bad at preserving your data, with WebRTC and DNS leaks all around. If that wasn’t enough, VPNBook is painfully slow, has very few servers and has no features to speak of. Not exactly the best option around.


Neither is Opera free VPN. You could say that Opera VPN not working properly at all. It’s not even a real VPN, it’s actually a proxy, with barely any additional protection to your connection. Based in Norway, OperaVPN is keeping your logs and retaining user data for their purposes. Perhaps OperaVPN is not as shameless as HolaVPN. Lacking even essential things like a kill switch or torrenting support, or even worse, the actual customer support. Don’t use VPN services with obvious downsides like that.


Easy, as in EasyVPN, a provider better described as “a template VPN”. It’s bad enough that independent researchers detected very high malware activity in this VPN, but you know what – at least it makes me laugh.
How so?
Well, take a look yourself, at the very nice reviews about this provider on their own website. Or their detailed blog, filled with copies of the same article, even though the link leads to a different article entirely! Not enough blog info? Go to page two and find the… pricing page with two identical pricing options, offering 3 VPN locations for 10 bucks? EasyVPN is bad and laughably bad at not pretending to be such as well. It’s a VPN you should skip on.


OKVPN is a perfect sibling for EasyVPN, sharing the same developer and almost the same problems. OKVPN is a downright malicious app that contains tons of adware, some of which can even disrupt your processes and push ads on top of your active apps. Obviously, it also collects user data for advertisement purposes. OKVPN has been forcefully expunged from Google Play years ago, but it seems that recently it made a comeback. Available once again, it’s definitely not safe to even try out. I recommend you forget it even exists, that will be safer for you.


Just like some people forgot that EarthVPN exists. Unfortunately, these people were also owners and developers of EarthVPN. You got it right – EarthVPN is still out there, still accepts payment, but the servers are down and customer support is dead, making refund impossible. EarthVPN is a bad VPN 2022 that is literally MIA, and there’s nothing an unlucky buyer could do about it.

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