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We’ve reviewed Windscribe VPN several times, but all this time we mostly focused on the free version. In this Windscribe VPN review, it’s time to address the premium version as well. Today I’ll be pinning Windscribe free versus premium so that you can learn every important detail about each version’s features. Expect a deep analysis of this provider in this Windscribe VPN 2022 review.

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Let me start this Windscribe VPN review by answering the question: “is Windscribe VPN free version good enough for you?”

0:00 Intro
0:32 Is Windscribe free good enough?
1:16 Where is Windscribe located?
1:39 How fast are Windscribe servers?
2:07 Can you access Netflix with Windscribe free?
2:26 What features does Windscribe offer?
3:56 Is there any data or device limits?
4:55 Final thoughts

Like its paid version, Windscribe VPN free uses the ChaCha20 encryption algorithm for maximum security. Windscribe free also offers Split Tunneling, and I think it’s terrific. With the Split Tunneling feature, you can select specific apps and websites to use over VPN, such streaming and torrenting services and which ones to leave to your native internet service provider. It helped me declutter my VPN traffic, boost speeds, and improve overall performance.

Windscribe VPN free is quite reliable in terms of privacy as well. Despite being based in Canada, a member of the Five Eyes alliance, Windscribe has proven loyal to its no-logs policy. Even when law enforcement agencies tried to snoop into Windscribe’s records back in 2018, there was nothing to see.
Windscribe VPN has many features that sustain optimal performance if you’re looking for the best free VPN. Among free VPNs, Windscribe VPN is the only one that offers servers in more than ten countries for free.
Our most recent in-house Windscribe VPN speed test showed decent speeds for a free VPN.

Before you get too carried away, Windscribe’s free version limits you to just 10GB of bandwidth every month. And if just recently you could unlock Netflix with the free version of Windscribe VPN. Netflix shut that down with new anti-VPN measures, so accessing Netflix for free is now out of the question.
Windscribe VPN now deploys sophisticated technologies on dedicated WindFlix servers to break these new restrictions. And this is where the Windscribe free versus premium balance shifts – you just have to pay to use these Netflix-optimized servers.

In this Windscribe VPN 2022 review, I have given you an in-depth Windscribe VPN analysis. We’ve talked about top-class security features and Windscribe’s performance in detail. And if you want to escape the 10GB bandwidth limitation and stream from Netflix, Windscribe premium 2022 is there for grabs.

Windscribe premium offers more advanced security features, but you’ll have to spend some money. So, is Windscribe VPN good? 2022 will tell, but if you want my two cents, Windscribe will give you good value for your money, and I’ll recommend it to you any day.

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