Wie erstellt man ein VPN-Server auf einem Computer mit Windows 💻↔️🖥️

hello dear friends this video describes how to create a web server on a space computer and establish a link from a pc such a server can be used e.g. for anonymous war on the internet by disguise the real ip address dealing with the network administrator lances or providers restrictive encryption of the channelled data access to closed websites from your country area providing the possibility of downloading folders in p2p networks torres and so on protecting your computer you will be connected to free wifi if you need a penalty to block particular websites to bypass spawning providers or simply to hide your ip address when channel-surf the internet you do not have to configure a roebuck server for this you can refuse ready- determined assistances watch this in another video that is referred to in the specific characteristics dear friends, if you want to restore removed data use the programs from the company heckmann software follow the link in the description download the program free of charge and install it then carry out the hard disk analysis after the analysis the utility shows the for the rebuild available folders and you can undo them our blog offers short lessons on solving problems that windows users have on our path and in the blog you will find a solution for every problem starting with the installation of the system to remote management and connecting nottwil device our experts will be happy to answer your questions in the comments on videos and clauses so let’s follow the steps for creating one for the service help come on the network on the share server and vary are named the adapters press in the folder moisten connect the age-old t aste and would you enter a new incoming linkage initiate the checkbox next to the username to enable him to access this computer and the system a connection to another process will be set up via for bavaria further we sit a tick in front of the function via the internet here we leave everything unchanged and click on back is allowed with us we just imagine that this computer will be a kind of server so we agree a folder that allows access to other computer hardware and over in the future and we make it public for it we following stair sound with the title mouse button on qualities access he further prepared[ music] initiate the box he will release this folder then click on the button authorize simply and initiated to take over perfectly ok go next to the computer of the conditional customer of the you have to establish a connection to our newly created one yourself and access the folder to create a connection to an eid server assist add structure and internet lays for bavaria connects concur in the menu for open connect deep-seateds as a service provider windows admired 1 the name of the connection berlin you will be there, among other things, knives are connected the name and address of the server register the ip address or specify in this field that only comes when the association itself was created for the above reasons we return to our computer server back and find out what the address is there are different ways you can go to page two, for example ask your network administrator we employed it in bold of the connected 14 specify or address of the server parente automatically enter the username in the fed and we know we the name and password of the s ervers computer grund is one of the users across from us since we are checked when the association was created, then click on save and check whether business associations association was created to establish a connection with our for bayern work click on it and then on connect at the manufacturer connect the following cases can sometimes occur i can not establish a connection to the computer you may have to change the network gives for the coalition forces then in this case you have to change the settings for incoming federations of the server computer hands the members of the group of possible connected ip residences we do the following for this we go to a computer server network and faido hub adapter conversion establishes click with the claim mouse button on incoming acquaintances qualities structures explanation 4 assets activate the addresses explicitly tackle you will probably find the wont If you want addresses to any one you are not allowed to okay okay then we return to the connected computer and try to establish a connection again personal computers is attached to the server go to the computer network and you will see a new metropoli connection with the name den We named him the first so access the shared folder on the tape server computer to execute the bid graphics on personal computers with the deer leg created and check the ip address of the db system generated or if you are attacking yourself You wishes to the administrator of this network to then use the explorer on the user’s computer and register this ip address in the address domain expending two reverse slanting quotations if nothing happens , the campaign are available in the faro giving of the server computer, therefore in this case go to the computer’s association server ers we go to it in the windows defender control panel to euro advanced settleds do the math for incoming bonds and look for the rule matt whitlock jr snb the real up as you are is this rule triggered it switches on now switch to the small computer and try again to switch to the shared folder on the server computer enter the password for the subscribers of the server computer science association here is a folder previously said that he shared us[ music] so that I have shown the connection to the computer for both servers immediately if it is you if a router is connected to the network, you have to configure the board extension 1723 to produce a spoiled with red how to do that against you to the settings of the feed is always connected to the network to the hamlets i have already talked about it in one of my videos how to do that the link is in the dyke resistance going to see innovalight inc ritual you have to look i have already set up my forwarding so i will give my instance crowds in it busines there 17 and 23 1 ip homes is the address of personal computers on which business associations server is created in our case there are different ways one of them enter a conflict in the dominate line 1 we need the ipv4 addresses therefore system adapter you typically in the first place on the roster the other two are in my father for virtual machines etiquette everything gazes that triggered save with some rother a restart is necessary that is all as a result of this external associate we connect to this trade fair and guided and the last after we have rectified the connection, the internet access on the client computer is deactivated, continued as follows to prevent that the internet during an deed iven association partnership on it disappears when the passenger bucket is deactivated switch to the network connect the small computer[ music] liberty click on the created association connect and select owneds structure old-time account 4 spread dimensions react on the tab Settings the option primary operates like in a good structure exert that is all the next time you have an alliance overheads the internet is not hidden when connecting a vine can also occur whole lawsuits or flops in a short video you can not handle all after all there are many locates if you have further questions articulated this ending comment but for the moment that’s all for me if this was helpful again so subscribe you would have one software channel thanks for saying that

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