Why would you need a VPN on Console?

A few weeks ago I did make a video, howto use a VPN On Any console that you have But someone did aska question Why would we needto use a VPN On a console In this video, we’re goingto find the answer For this question So let’s get into it( Up beat music) So the first conclude forusing a VPN Can be changing NAT Type If you don’t know whatNAT Type is It’s ok you don’t needto understand it But you need to understand NAT Type 2 is the bestNAT type for gaming If your NAT Type is 3 And your ISP can’t changeyour NAT Type One of the best ways thatyou can change your NAT Type Is employing a VPN When you connect toa VPN server Your NAT Type willautomatically change To the VPN’s NAT type So if there’s no way tochange your NAT type To NAT Type 2 With your ISP The best nature can be usinga VPN The second reason That you might need to use A VPN is changing your IP Because some sports did Restrict some countries IP’s So if you For instance I was inCall of duty And I had many issues withStockholm IPs So when I did connect to aVPN for Frankfort It did fix my issu And I could simply log in I know one of your best friend Was trying 6 months To log in to Call of duty servers But they just had issuewith his IP Once he reformed And he used VPN to changehis IP It did fix and he can finallyPlay Call Of Duty So if you have issues For playing some games Or your IP have issues For logging in To some games likeCall Of Duty Using a VPN might fixyour matter And the last reason That you might need touse a VPN On your Console Can be watching some videos On YouTube And watching Netflix On your Console If you’re watching Netflix orYouTube on your console You know that some videos Or some movies Are restricted in some countries So by using a VPN You can simply watchthoes material Without any issue And at the endI recommend you To watch this video If you would like tolearn How to share a VPN To any console that you have I hope this videodid help you And if it did, don’t forgetto give it a like I’ll told you in next video Have a good time.

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