What is Wireguard? Explaining a New VPN Protocol and How it Compares to OpenVPN

simply put wireguard is a new open beginning vpn joining protocol that is proven to be faster simpler and more lightweight than other encryption etiquettes if that doesn’t make sense to you don’t worry you’re not alone you can think of it this acces openvpn the current standard for vpn etiquettes lopes on 600 000 rows of system ipsec another standard etiquette has 400 000 strings of code wireguard only has 4 000 that’s a 99 reduction in code which not only stimulates it easier to administer but also to debug in this case simpler is better and not only that but it also offers what is considered to be a more secure encryption protocol over the next few minutes i’m going to explain to you how wireguard wields the benefits of using the patrol etiquette and the current vpns that are using and implementing the wireguard protocol thanks for joining me in another all things fastened video my reputation is josh and i want to start by saying that i’m not going to make this a technical video that treads through how the encryption directs the hashing algorithms or any of the data authentication i want to explain this in layman’s words that you can understand exactly what you’re using to connect consuming this vpn protocol i’ll begin by saying that wireguard was developed back in 2016 for the linux operating system and what we’re dealing with here is a connection protocol that allows for communication between two manoeuvres who is able to your computer and your corporate structure a server and a machine it could even be your phone and the cellular network whatever “its important” when surpassing confidential report in all the regions of the open internet now there are already a lot of enormous encryption methods already in use when you’re on the internet but a virtual private network or a vpn simply gives you that included coating of security rights but what reaches wireguard so special when we already have plenty of vpn protocols that we can already use it can really be boiled down to three things firstly wireguard affords a more stable connection than previous etiquettes even in my working experience when i’m connecting to another server exerting the wireguard protocol it connects in one to two seconds compared to the maybe five to ten seconds that it would take with openvpn it can also switch between portable and wi-fi networks without dropping the connection which is something that’s a huge benefit to you as a customer you investigate older bond etiquettes were designed decades ago and have been slowed by over engineering to help them meet specific needs along the way second wireguard has been measured to perform four times faster than other open vpn and ipsec etiquettes that means you can get four times faster fasted and if you’ve expended a vpn for any period of time you know how important that is finally wireguard implements modern cryptography that has been peer reviewed and promoted by countless protection experts all vpn protocols offer a height of security but simply wireguard takes advantage of new methods such as cryptokey routing for you the user the only thing that really subjects is the fact that you’ll get bonds faster they will be more stable and they’ll be a lot faster as you’re using the internet now unless you’re incredibly tech savvy and feel cozy setting up your own virtual private network on your computer or dwelling server more than likely you’re going to be using a commercial-grade vpn that has integrated wireguard into their applications so which vpns have done this if you’re watching this video months or years down the road fortunes are it’s going to be most of them however at this detail i’m going to share with you the ones that ought to have early adopters to the wire guard protocol molvet vpn was one of the first vpns to integrate wireguard and it’s even become their default etiquette on most of the operating systems molvet is an open generator campaign that requires a bit of technological know-how to set up and it’s also not the cheapest vpn on the market but it is great for privacy focused individuals for more consumer-friendly alternatives i recommend nordvpn with nordlinks or vipervpn both of these services offer easy to install and use apps that work on windows ios mac os and android in each case you’ll want to make sure that you go into the advanced deep-seateds and connect to the appropriate connection protocol as you meet me doing here connecting to the nord links protocol and the nordvpn software if you’ve been using a vpn for any period of time you should notice an immediate betterment is not simply on the time that it takes to connect to a server but including information on your acquaintance moves if you have any specific questions related to wireguard leave them in the comments below give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to the all things procured youtube channel thanks

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