What is Virtual Private Network (VPN) EXPLAINED in 3 min

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You see VPN ads everywhere, sometimes more than once, but do you know for sure what is a VPN? Virtual Private Network acts as a middleman between you and the internet. Without a VPN, every site you visit can see your IP – your computer’s digital address.

The main reason most people get a VPN is to change their location, unlocking geo-locked content. Geo-blocking happens when content is locked in certain parts of the world. As most online shops have geographical prices, you can also save money on games, flight tickets, and other online stuff.
VPNs give you extra security online too, helping you avoid being tracked, allowing for safer torrenting, and safer connections to public Wi-Fi spots, while also encrypting your connection.

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00:28 What is a Virtual Private Network?
00:46 How VPN works?
1:30 Why should you get a VPN?
2:11 How Virtual Private Network makes you secure online?
2:30 Are VPNs illegal?

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