What is a VPN? | VPN explained + answering YOUR comments!

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What is a VPN – is a question many of you could have seen online. VPNs are popular nowadays, but not everybody realizes what they really do. This video will explain to you what is a VPN used for, how it can help you and also answer a couple of questions you guys left under my previous videos.

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0:00 Intro
0:25 What does a VPN do?
0:56 What is VPN used for?
1:37 Can the VPN provider itself see users activity and details?
2:42 How to choose a VPN?
3:35 Top VPN picks
4:49 Conclusion

=== What does a VPN do? ===

First and foremost, VPN is an online service that creates a secure connection between you and another network over the internet.

Here you can see what is a VPN connection – it’s spanning from your location, through VPN servers and into the internet.

=== What is a VPN server? ===

It’s a server in a datacenter, where your connection is retransmitted with high-tech tunneling protocols, encrypting the data that passes through and concealing your IP address.

=== What is VPN used for? ===

Well, VPNs are very effective if you want to get Netflix access from abroad. You can bypass geo-restrictions and access Netflix libraries from all over the world. That’s only one example of what is VPN for most users though, VPNs are also helpful for torrenting, as they allow to bypass P2P restrictions. But personally, I think that the biggest benefit of a VPN is security and privacy. By encrypting my data online and hiding my IP address, VPN directly contributes to protection of my information and identity.

=== Can the VPN provider itself see users activity and details? ===

One of my viewers asked if a VPN that collected his data still has his details, so let’s get that part of the VPN explained.

The answer here is most likely, yes, props to another viewer for giving a correct answer. For some free providers, many of which I’ve covered in my “Worst VPN” video, collecting and selling user data is the only way to gain money. When it comes to reputable providers though, they often provide no-log policies, essentially guaranteeing none of your data is retained by them. But even if such a policy is present, some countries like the US or Australia have data retention laws that require VPNs to store some user details. That’s why I prefer my VPNs to be located in privacy-friendly jurisdictions, such as Panama or British Virgin Islands. In any case, if you’ve realized that an untrustworthy VPN provider recorded your details, you should get rid of the VPN app and change your credentials asap.

=== How to choose a VPN? ===

Obviously, you and I both want to avoid such scenarios. Much like the viewer who asked what is a VPN that you can trust? Well, there are couple of things I personally value the most:

Encryption, first and foremost. AES-256 and ChaCha20 are two encryption standards that provide the best protection. Proper VPN should also have decent server coverage. The more servers and available countries a VPN service provides, the more variability you will have when using a VPN.

If your connection is not always stable, a kill switch will be indispensable – this feature cuts the connection down during periods of network instability. It’s also useful when a VPN can be used on multiple devices at the same time and of course, having the service with best value for the price is what I myself would prefer.

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