What is a VPN Kill Switch? (and do you *really* need one?)

What is a VPN kill switch. If youve been researching Virtual PrivateNetworks or “VPNs” recently youve probably come across this word a number of era in all the marketingyouve seen. For the next hour, Ill explain what aVPN kill switch is and why you should or shouldnt be concerned about having one. Thanks for meeting me today. My name is Josh and this is VPNVideoReviews. The word kill swap seems to be a bit ominousbut its a feature that has become extremely popular among VPN users who guard their privacy. In short, a VPN kill switch is a feature whichautomatically shuts off your internet communication whenever your VPN get disconnected.Its a security component designed to make sureyour data and privacy dont get accidentally jeopardized. Makes say you log onto your computer andyou forget to start your VPN before you begin surfing the internet. Or, perhaps your VPN somehow does disconnectedwhile youre online. In both of those cases, the time spent withoutan encrypted connect compromises and flaunts your personal data. A kill permutation ensures that this never happens. Kill swaps function in different ways withdifferent VPNs. Some assistances lay kill switches at theapplication elevation, definition you have to have your VPN app open for it to work.Other kill switchings perform at a system elevation, meaning that your computer wont be able to access the internet until the VPN programis running and connected. As you can see here, VyprVPN is an exampleof one that gives you the option of either or. Ive run across more other VPNs like NordVPNthat will literally shut down specific applications on your computer should your VPN connectionever get separated. I dont conceive one of these is any betterthan the other, its all up to your personal preference.Now, the only remaining question is whetheror not a kill switch is an important feature for you to consider when buying a VPN service. The truth is, for the average internet user, I anticipate a kill substitution can be overkill. Being disclosed and unencrypted for a shortperiod of time doesnt mean sudden doom and instantaneous name stealing. It genuinely doesn’t. However, I do is of the opinion that there no reasonnot to get a VPN kill switch. Can it be annoying at times? Sure. But utilizing this aspect not only continues yourinternet commerce secure, the committee is also reinforces good habits of forming sure you keep your VPNconnected at all terms. So there you have it. I hope you experienced this brief explanationof a VPN kill switch. For more information on locking yourselfonline, take a look at the rest of our FAQ videos or jump on over to our VPN setup tutorials.Before “youre leaving”, dont forget to give thisvideo a thumbs up and I always welcome feedback in specific comments below. Thanks so much better and abide safe !.

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