What is a VPN? A Simple Explanation That’s Easy To Understand

Today I explain what a VPN is and how it works in very simple terms.

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Transcript: What is a VPN? A Simple Explanation That’s Easy To Understand

What’s happening guys, today we’re going to answer a very important question, what is a VPN. And don’t worry if you’re new to VPN, I’m going to keep this nice and simple. So let’s jump straight into it. So a VPN can be useful for many things, but it was created initially for online security. Okay, so on the left here, you have your home computer. And on the right over here you have the internet. Now usually you have a straight connection from your home computer to the internet. Now, this leaves you at risk to cyber criminals who can easily find you and attack your personal data. So this is where the VPN comes in. Wait a second. That is not a VPN, that is a duck. That’s more like it. This is where the VPN comes in. And just a side note, I wouldn’t recommend connecting to the internet for a duck the speeds are terrible. Anyway, a VPN stands for virtual private network. And what it does is it connects your computer to a server located anywhere else in the world before making that connection with the internet. And because there’s no direct line between your computer and the internet, this means that cyber criminals don’t have a place to locate you, so they can’t attack your personal data. So for that reason alone, having a VPN is more than worthwhile. But that’s not the only advantage of having a VPN. There’s other things you can achieve with them, such as unblocking content on Netflix that you couldn’t usually access from your home country. Basically, this works because when you connect to a VPN, you have a last choice of servers to connect to. And each of these servers are located in a different country. So once you’re connected, your computer will assume that you are connected from whichever country you’ve chosen the server from. So for example, if there’s a series on Netflix is only available in France, you can connect to a French server, then you can access this series and watch it without having to leave your house. And if you’re into torrenting, a VPN is almost as central. As you probably know, when you’re torrenting you open your computer up to a whole host of Other connections. This can be dangerous in more than one way not only transmitting data, but you’re receiving data. And anywhere along these points, you could be vulnerable to cyber criminals and malicious software. Now when it comes to choosing a VPN, it can be a bit of a minefield, there is a lot of options out there. So I’ve stuck some of my recommendations down in the description so you can take a look at those. There’s a lot more details and features of VPN as well. But as I said, we’re going to keep this video nice and simple and not go too much into depth on those on this one. So we’ll catch up with those on another video. And don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up and hit subscribe so you don’t miss what else we have to come.

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