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Hi, I’m John from VPNpro. And today we’re going to talk about VPNs. We’ll look at VPNs as a whole and answer key questions like: What is a VPN? How can a VPN help me? How does a VPN work? And is there any intellect not to use a VPN? So let’s get started! The abbreviation VPN expressed support for Virtual Private Network, and that’s exactly what it is. It helps you to have a safe, private connection between your computer or device and another network via the Internet to establish. It use encryption and other technologies that facilitate assure your internet task to safeguard against intruders, cyber criminals or snoopers who sauntering while consuming a public Wi-Fi network. You can be utilized it like a “cloak” that will help you channel-surf the Internet a little more safely and anonymously. And even if it all clangs a little questionable … there are actually plenty good reasons why you want that extra bit of security.Do not forget you Check out our top VPNs register in the description below and save up to 80% for these extra charge of security. Companionship of all shapes and sizes use VPNs to keep their remote Employees and branch offices are connected more securely. If you have a VPN uses to connect to the company’s network, it looks like this for the rest of the Internet, like succeeding instantly in this network. From a hotel apartment or a caf anywhere in the world you can easily access data and even machines, like printers and access it securely … immediately from your laptop or mobile device! VPNs are also for other types of security useful. Many consumers use VPNs to keep their browsing autobiography to hide from their ISPs. Either because they are worried for privacy concerns, or because they don’t want their ISP to be their personal Data sold to advertisers.Always remember, nonetheless, that your VPN does this too trying to save – so make sure that your VPN provider is trustworthy. Others use VPNs to access geo-blocked websites. When connecting to a system exerting a VPN, make the Internet indicates that you are connected via this network. Suppose you are in Europe or Asia, and you want a service like Netflix from another, US-based one View note. If Netflix sees that you are in another country, it will give you access deny.But if you is linked to a US-based network through a VPN, you could Watch the US Netflix library from “other countries “. Some people use VPNs to do great things Files to download or for stream. If your ISP limits this type of activity, use a VPN to stream through another ISP for faster hurries to get. Other beings, especially those in countries with strict internet censoring, use VPNs to bypass and open firewalls Access knowledge across the Internet. That’s not bad at all, is it? But how does one VPN all of that? Well, indicated that in more details, we need a much longer video, nonetheless the best way to imagine is encryption. A VPN then builds one private “tunnel” around your internet communication. A tunnel that no one else can access Has access, can see inside, or can imbue. Now all this information about VPNs is sounding around you in your president and you might wonder if it is too “Cons” exist.The only “contra” I can think of would be a VPN provider, who gave you misinforming informed about how private and secure your VPN is. Ultimately , no VPN is always 100% procure. And when a person is really is yours If wishes to racetrack commerce, there are probably other high-tech ways to get around to do that. So if you are considering applying a VPN provider, made to ensure that you do your homework and always ask questions before making a binding purchase. You got to find our top VPN list below in the specific characteristics. Have a look right away and save up to 80%. And, of course, you should If “youve had” more questions about VPNs, you can always get in touch. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs-up if you like the video. And expressed support for us if you really like it.thanks for Watch! What is a VPN? – on screen GER 00:08 What is a VPN? 00:10 What can a VPN help me with? 00:12 How does a VPN work? 00:15 Should I use a VPN or not? 00:25 Secure connection 00:51 Our top VPN list with 80% reject 01:27 Hide browsing history 01:41 America Europe Asia Access to geo-blocked websites and streaming services 02:05 Faster downloading 02:08 Streaming and torrenting 02: 15 Bypass internet censoring 02:46 Now are the best VPNs 02:53 Beware of fake VPN advertising 03:06 If you buy VPNs: – do your homework – ask questions 03:08 Our top VPN list with 80% dismis 03:19 Bottom left: Subscribe NOW for more videos Top right: Next video WHAT IS A VPN.

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