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Guys, VPN might seem like a hard pro-only software, but don’t get fooled.
It’s actually a great tool anybody can use. This VPN tutorial for beginners will introduce you to the 7 best VPN services that are easy to use.

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00:00 Intro
1:30 What is a VPN?
1:52 What is a VPN used for?
2:22 How can VPNs help you save money while shopping?
2:52 How to use a VPN: Beginner tutorial with Surfshark VPN
3:51 Are VPNs legal?
4:06 What to look for when buying a VPN? Key features
4:54 TOP 7 VPNs for beginners

Versatility of the VPNs does not mean it’s hard to use them. Most VPNs have great customer support systems that can help you if you run into any problem and easy to understand tutorials that will explain how to use the service.

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