VPN no logs policy | TOP 7 most secure VPNs

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Don’t want to leave a cookie crumb trail wherever you go online? It’s all about finding the right VPN no logs policy. Today I’m sharing with you my TOP VPNs list.

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**NordVPN no logs**
Based in Panama, which is a very privacy-friendly place. NordVPN has had its no-logs policy independently audited by PwC, proving they’re the real deal when it comes to logging. This VPN has great security features and a 30-day money back guarantee.

**Surfshark no logs**
Based out of the British Virgin Islands, another area with strong privacy protection laws, Surfshark likes to show off its no logs policy. You can keep your payments affordable and untraceable too by using the pay-by-crypto option.

A good VPN no logs provider with some super reliable policies. Their payment system and signup is totally anonymous, and more, they provide the awesome split tunneling feature, a powerful kill switch, and dependable protocols.

Based in the US, a “five eyes country” for all you in the know, this is another VPN with no logs at all. In 2016, they put this to the test when the FBI requested information from PIA. PIA gently refused the FBI’s request as they had nothing to show them. They didn’t have any logs.
The platform supports P2P connections, a handshake naming system, and a trusty kill switch.

The Swizz based VPN switched to a no logging policy and got an independent privacy review by Leviathan Security. It has a couple neat features too, including the Chameleon 2.0 tunneling protocol and a kill switch.

**Windscribe VPN**
My second VPN to be based in a “5 eyes country”, Canada, keeps no logs, no incoming or outgoing traffic, no historical sessions, nothing.
That’s pretty secure.

**Expressvpn no logs**
The ExpressVPN no logs policy is extensive and secure. Based in the British Virgin Islands, this VPN benefits from some sturdy local privacy laws. Back in 2017, ExpressVPN was pushed to its limit during a live action situation where Turkish authorities investigating the murder of the Russian ambassador seized an ExpressVPN server, but thanks to their no logs policy, they had no browser history, DNS queries, traffic data, IP addresses, no log info at all.

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