VPN Meaning 🔥 What is a VPN & Why You Might Need One

how’s it going everybody welcome backand today i’m going to brief you guys about what a vpn is very quickly and i willgive you guys a couple of recommendations uh if you’re trying to get yourself a vpnsubscription and these are some of the very best vpns now before i talk about them if you’reinterested in any of them you’ll find links to special treats and discounts in thedescription down below as well as full assess if you are interested in getting to know theadvantages and drawbacks of each of them now very simply if you’re interested or if you’renew actually to vpns very a vpn or virtual private network allows you to create a secureconnection to another network over the internet vpns can be used to access region restrictedwebsites shield your shop pleasure from prying gazes on public wi-fi and more these days vpnsare very popular certainly but not for the reasons they were originally made they were originallyjust a route for businesses to connect together over connect together securely over the internet orjust have uh one member of that business let’s say to access uh such business networkfrom dwelling uh vpns essentially forward all your system transaction to the internetwhich is all which is where the benefits like retrieving local area network assets remotely andbypassing internet censoring all collected from most operating systems have integrated vpn supportso you know in very simple terms a vpn connects your pc smartphone or tablet to another computercalled a server somewhere over the internet and it allows you to browse the internet usingthat computer’s internet connection so if that server is in a different country it will appearas if you are coming from that country and so you can potentially access things that you couldn’tnormally so how does this help you well you could bypass geographic to limit websites orstreaming and you know audio and video and whatnot you can stream media like netflix and hulu uh huluand hbo max for example are only available in the united states but you can access them working avpn you can protect yourself from snooping on untrustworthy wi-fi hotspots you can game it youcan gain some kind of anonymity by secrete your true-life orientation and you can protect yourself frombeing fastened while torrenting if you’re torrenting so this is you know vpns can be very useful andthey’ve been gaining a lot of notoriety lately for you know the right reasonableness so a good deal of forexample for me i like to watch uh netflix and i don’t want my subscription to go to waste soi would use a vpn in order to be allowed to to kind of you know just really move the best out of uh the vpn anduh generally a vpn should never be used to bypass copyright regulations i don’t promote condone orendorse the use of the service for such purposes but you know a lot of times you’re trying to getthe best out of your netflix due or let’s say you’re trying to watch i don’t know activity ofthrones for example and it’s only available on hbo which is only available in the unitedstates this is when you can use a vpn now just briefly speaking if you’re interestedin any of these vpns i’ll connect the reviews down below it’ll kind of brief you aboutall about these vpns and all the features but just simply in simple terms and withoutcomplicating anything these are very good very easy to use and highly secure and veryquick now expressvpn will allow you to secure five designs that’ll is 6 devices with nordand an unlimited sum of designs with surfshark expressvpn is a little bit on the priceyside but of course what comes with that is very high consistency and uh when itcomes to unblocking geo-restrictions and streaming services it’s super consistentand very secure generally it’s considered one of the very best vpns in the industry north vpn is alittle bit cheaper and it comes with a multitude of uh pieces such as specialty servers uh an appkill switch not only a regular regular kill switch a kill button will disable the internet accesswhen you’re not connected to the vpn so that it protects you from uh any leakage or or dnsleaking an app kill swap will only kill the app instead of the entire connection split tunnelingwill let you choose which which employments use the vpn connection and which don’t andyou know you’ve got custom-made dns obfuscated servers if you’re living in a censoring heavycountry and such and then you’ve got surf shark which is the cheapest vpn which will get thingsdone at the cheapest possible expenditure it also has you know a entire cluster of servers you’ve got over3 200 servers in 65 countries with surf shark 5 300 servers in 65 and 59 countries withnordvpn and over 3000 servers in 94 countries in expressvpn which is a lot of countries itcovers a lot of regions which is also one of the one of the reasons why it is able to unblockthe largest amount of neighborhood locked material now so for the features you likewise have whitelisterwhich is split tunneling you have a bunch of protocols wireguard “youve had” the wire guardprotocol a assortment of protocols but you know time i don’t want to complicate things ifyou’re new to vpns i don’t i don’t really want to complicate things too much for you allyou need to know really is that if you’re looking for the highest consistency frequencies with uh you knowunblocking georestrictions and streaming services uh merely the best service overall and you don’tcare about budget expressvpn is obviously the best you can get if you’re looking for avpn that may not be as consistent and may unblock little regions and for citation expressvpncan unblock up to 18 netflix libraries 10 netflix libraries with nordvpn and 15 with surfshark uhso yeah if you’re looking for a service that has a bunch of features and you think all these featuresare pretty beneficial for you with nordvpn here then uh you could go for nordvpn and if you’relooking to only pay the lowest possible price and really get the job done unblock netflixand whatnot then surfshark is likely to be the one now you know that’s really about it if you’reinterested in any of these vpns you’ll find link to special administers and rebates in thedescription down below besides that you’ll also find the reviews so i would really recommendchecking out the reviews i’ll kind of brief you um about the privacy policy acceleration streamingtorrenting capabilities as well as insurance features and you’ll know exactly what you’regetting yourself into before getting yourself a subscription besides that thank you very muchfor watching and i’ll see you guys in the next one

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