VPN for Windows 11 | 4 TOP VPN options for new Windows

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Windows 11 just came out, but despite Microsoft’s best efforts, there are still small insecurities and vulnerabilities that could put your data under risk. That’s why I will be reviewing a couple of VPN for Windows 11 that I’ve tested recently, so that you could choose for yourselves a service capable of covering some of the mishaps left in Windows 11.

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0:00 Intro
0:27 Is NordVPN the best VPN for Windows 11?
1:34 NordVPN pricing: should you go for it?
1:46 Surfshark: A great price for a Windows 11 VPN?
3:00 Is PrivateVPN a viable choice for Windows 11?
4:08 IPvanish: Good value for money?
5:23 Discounts and final thoughts


If you are looking for a VPN for Windows 11, NordVPN might be the best VPN WIndows users could consider. The performance of NordVPN’s proprietary protocol NordLynx is just as good as usual, I’ve got extremely high speed compared to my baseline.NordVPN’s security also remains effective: the military-grade encryption will keep your connection safe and RAM-only servers won’t retain any data that passes through them. This is possible thanks to the privacy friendly jurisdiction of Panama, where NordVPN is located.


Surfshark has never failed me as my VPN for Windows 10, and it’s not about to, just because of the OS upgrade. It’s really fast with WireGuard on, and after testing the speed on Windows 11, I have to say that it’s just as good as I remember – fast, reliable connection. And it has over 3200 RAM-only servers.


But NordVPN and Surfshark are big names. But a good Windows 11 VPN doesn’t have to be big. PrivateVPN is a prime example of that.It doesn’t have that many servers or a modem protocol like WireGuard, but it still manages to protect your connection with top-level encryption and also provide high speeds. While not as fancy as NordVPN, I have found PrivateVPN to be very thorough at protecting users, both with a strong kill switch and leak protection.


However, IPVanish might give PrivateVPN a run for its money, after all it has quite a bit to offer for all you Windows 11 VPN users. Speed tests of IPVanish don’t leave me a reason for doubts – this VPN has nicely implemented WireGuard and reaches performance on the level of Surfshark, that’s impressive. It also has a healthy amount of servers – over 1700, and I’ve never noticed any overcrowding on them. IPVanish’s connection is protected by AES-256 encryption and a kill switch – great level of security.

In conclusion, these are my top VPN picks for Windows 11. NordVPN and Surfshark are perfect for most tasks, PrivateVPN is a simple streaming option and IPVanish is an affordable security VPN for the whole family. These are simple services too, so won’t be googling in panic “VPN windows 11 not working, what to do?” or stuff like that.

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