VPN for TikTok: Can a VPN get around TikTok US Ban? + TUTORIAL

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Guys, TikTok is being banned in the US and we’re here to figure out whether we’re still going to be able to use TikTok with a VPN.

Here’s a great VPN hack for you – you can use VPNs to change the location on your app store in order to download, update or run TikTok.

In this video, I’m doing a quick tutorial on how to unblock TikTok with a VPN if the US TikTok ban happens.

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***How to access TikTok?***
1. Download and install a trustworthy VPN. You can do this via your app store.
2. Sign up and log in.
3. Pick a server that’s anywhere outside of the US or India.
4. Go back to your app vendor, and change the location by going to Settings, picking “General”, and then under language and region, picking a fresh location. I’d recommend the UK or Australia if you’re English speaking.

0:55 What’s happening with TikTok in US?
1:23 Will a VPN help get around TikTok US ban?
1:53 Why there are some concerns about VPNs unblocking TikTok
2:09 What do VPN companies & tech experts think?
3:06 TikTok VPN trick
3:41 TikTok ban in India: does a VPN unblock TikTok here?
4:19 My favourite VPNs to unblock TikTok in US
4:41 VPN for TikTok: Tutorial on how to unblock TikTok

All three VPNs – NordVPN, Surfshark and ExpressVPN, are my favourite VPNs when (if) comes to unblocking TikTok.

– They have an incredible track record when it comes to accessing censored or geo-blocked content.
– They let you unblock streaming libraries on multiple platforms.
– They reliably bypass censorship in countries where the internet is restricted. So, they have a proven track record.

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