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Apple sure cares a lot about user security, but unfortunately it can’t save everyone from all the threats of unencrypted internet connections. Today I will make a case of how you can get one of the best VPN for Mac that will take responsibility for keeping your data and yourself safe from online threats.

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===== NordVPN: =====

My searches for the best VPN for Mac led me straight to NordVPN. This VPN will be perfect for you if you want to be safe online. Considering that NordVPN encrypts all data that passes through their servers, keeps no logs of your activity and even structured their servers to be enabled to do so – security is abundant here.

I value NordVPN Mac app the most, because it adds a very neat quality of life feature: Presets. Being able to bring up any set of apps or websites, just by connecting to a preset server is a very neat tidbit I wish more VPNs would include.

I’ve also tested the speed of the connection on Mac devices, and so far, NordVPN has been providing good results. Whether it’s a close server or a distant one, my speeds were very fast. This performance is quite useful if you want to watch streaming content. While testing NordVPN against geo-blocking, I’ve accessed not only Netflix libraries, but many other streaming platforms as well.

===== Surfshark: =====

NordVPN is not the only option however, Surfshark is equally as close to being the best mac VPN. It has the same level of encryption as NordVPN and a similarly effective kill switch as baseline security measures, and not only that. Surfshark is based in a privacy-friendly zone without data-retention laws and it employs RAM-only servers, preserving your anonymity. But I personally prefer Surfshark because it’s a VPN for Apple devices with the same features as on Windows, which doesn’t happen every day. Having the security package Surfshark One on Mac is great enough, but there is also the Split tunneling feature, which NordVPN lacks. Surfshark VPN in Mac has decent speeds, sometimes even faster than NordVPN.

===== AtlasVPN: =====

AtlasVPN might look small, but it’s a very effective VPN, especially if you are looking for a free VPN on MacOS. That’s right, even for free, AtlasVPN provides good speeds with the WireGuard protocol and has all the necessary security standards: ChaCha20 encryption and a kill switch. In terms of privacy, AtlasVPN used to be mediocre, subjected to the US data retention laws, despite having a watertight no-logs policy. However, it has joined Nord Security recently, and thus has a better privacy policy now. Unfortunately, the free version does have limitations: there is a bandwidth limit and only a couple of servers are available.

Since AtlasVPN is a smaller VPN service, it has no additional features on Mac as well, even though they exist on Android and iOS apps. It also has significantly fewer servers than NordVPN or Surfshark. But after getting the premium version and testing AtlasVPN thoroughly, I can say that it works great on Mac, with most streaming content and even torrenting.

===== PrivateVPN: =====

Another modest VPN, Mac users might consider is PrivateVPN. It has a smaller server fleet and slower speeds than even AtlasVPN, but it still offers a reliable Mac app with full encryption and StealthVPN. Looking at my speed test, you’d see that PrivateVPN is indeed much slower than the alternatives, since it uses the older protocol OpenVPN.

Located in Sweden, PrivateVPN is subjected to some data retention laws, but it also has a reliable no-logs policy, so I don’t think it’s a significant problem. Overall, PrivateVPN provides a bare minimum Mac users would need, while also asking for a paltry price. With a 7-day trial for any platform and a 30-day money back guarantee, it’s one of the cheapest VPN for Mac options you can possibly consider.

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4:00 AtlasVPN – best free VPN for Mac
5:19 Is PrivateVPN good enough for Mac?
6:15 Should you try a free VPN for Mac?
6:38 Conclusion

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