VPN explained in detail: 16 FAQs about using VPN services ANSWERED

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In this video, I’m going to answer all the relevant questions about VPN – why it is useful for online security, how does it work and is it legal and safe?

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1:03 How do VPNs work?
1:45 Are VPNs legal?
2:15 Can a VPN be traced?
2:39 What does a VPN hide?
3:13 Are there any good free VPN providers?
4:11 How much doeas a VPN cost?
4:32 Is it difficult to set up a VPN?
4:58 Will a VPN protect me from hackers?
5:46 Will a VPN affect my internet speeds?
6:14 Can a VPN speed up the internet?
6:39 Does a VPN help with ping?
6:50 Why should I use VPN?
7:15 Should I use a VPN on my phone?
7:32 What’s the difference between VPN for iPhone & VPN for Android?
7:50 Do VPNs track my activity?
8:19 How do I know if the VPN is working?
8:42 Why do I need a VPN to protect my anonymity/privacy?
9:07 Can I use a proxy instead of a VPN?

**VPN explained: How VPN works?**
When you use the net with a VPN, all your internet traffic goes via the VPN app. The app encrypts your data and sends everything on to a VPN server, which passes everything on to the destination server. As a result, your ISP can only see that you’re connected to a VPN server. It can’t see what you’re actually doing online.
On the other end, when your request reaches the destination server, whether that’s a shop, a streaming platform, or anything else, it can only see the VPN server’s IP address.

**Are VPNs legal?**
In most of the world, VPNs are entirely legal. There are a few countries, though, where using a VPN or operating a VPN has been restricted or outright banned. So to answer your question, is a VPN illegal, no, in most of the world it definitely isn’t. However, doing illegal things with a VPN is still a criminal offense. People who use VPNs for illicit activities will be prosecuted under the laws of their country – assuming the authorities can catch them!

**Can VPN be traced?**
There are ways to trace a VPN, although mostly it boils down to the fact that your ISP may know the VPN servers’ IP addresses. To prevent this from being an issue, some VPNs offer obfuscation features that are highly effective at disguising the VPN. They will also help you bypass heavy censorship efforts, such as the Great Firewall of China.

**Does a VPN increase internet speed?**
In some cases, yes, it actually does. ISPs often throttle bandwidth based on a user’s activities. If you’re torrenting, streaming or gaming a lot, you’re using a ton of bandwidth, your ISP may be slowing your speeds down. If you use a VPN, though, that activity is hidden from your ISP, so they won’t throttle your bandwidth.

**Why is VPN used so frequently?**
The benefits to using a VPN are endless. You can protect your privacy, stay safe and anonymous online, prevent your ISP from throttling your bandwidth, decrease your ping when you’re gaming, access geo-blocked content libraries, bypass internet censorship, and safely torrent. In 2020 when everything’s happening on the net, it’s an essential tool.

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