VPN Explained [A-Z] in Hindi 🔐 | Benefits, Safety, Unblock Websites, Legal Issues

Today we will talk about VPN, what is it and what are its benefits, drawbacks, whether it is illegal or safe, an A to Z info about VPN Hi Guys, My Name is Kripesh Adwani So let’s start with, what actually is a VPN? VPN is Virtual Private Network It fixes a secure communication on another structure For example, I will use this bottle, understand it as a passage, on the left is my computer and on the right there is I will connect this from one computer to another My data will travel through this passageway So whatever data is going through a tunnel, my ISP Provider cannot notion it If I am squandering public wifi , no one can view as to the websites I am touring, unless I am going through this passageway Govt.Cannot thought my data, because my data would be protected in this tunnel So the second computer can be located anywhere in the world, it can be in US, Japan, India and in any nation of india Suppose, this is USA, i connected to Netflix Netflix says it is a USA site Netflix doesn’t know that I am retrieving from India Netflix is considering my access from US So my name will change from this server to another one So my work will be from this server People and Netflix will understand me as a American citizen, so they will provide me all evidences and movies of US So that’s how a VPN makes, by providing secure connection and on another home, your server exists Talking about its implements, it’s first use is it to stream online content if I want to watch Netflix or watch recent reveals and movies released in the USA, i will have to use VPN The difference in the database of India and USA is very much I have heard it but the prices are similar I will be paying equally for Netflix India and Netflix USA So why not I enjoy good registers and movies through VPN So this was Netflix, likewise, there is Amazon Prime or Hulu You can use countless streaming services from there Second, is for Security If you are using public wifi and you don’t want your data visibility In public wifi, many other beings are connected And if they do a Man in the middle attack They can also view you data containers that are unsecure So to protect all of them you can use VPN Just as I said your data will be in this tunnel, so no other person can see your data And it is not like that your websites are of https, some of them are of http, Whenever you use apps on your mobile, there is no guarantee that your app is established on https connect Many apps use a mixed tie I am a developer, so I know the case So for that situation, building protection through VPN is very important The third is to unblock special websites There are some special websites which are blocked in India and in specific countries So if you want to unblock that website, and you want to access the content, whether it is for streaming, video or for audio So for that, you can use VPN Fourth is Companies use Private VPN They do so, to protect their data For example, Google has put a VPN network in its high profile works So that whatever they retrieve and visualize, they can trace it This directs, when some data comes revealed, then it helps the corporates to narrow down and find out the person responsible for it, so that he can be fired If you download P2P and use Torrents, using a VPN would be useful to you Sixth is related to download rapidity In some events, your download rapidity can increase it is possible that when “youre using” a VPN, your download hurrying will be increased But in some special cases, your download rush further increase Whenever we download huge enters The ISP providers like Airtel, BSNL throttle rushed If I am downloading 45gb registers and if I am taking the hurried of the networks, so they throttle it, for others to get hastened So in this scenario, if you are using a VPN, you will get good accelerate In my event, it has happened, that while downloading folders, my acceleration was controlled from the network provider So when I do from VPN I get a good downloading rate If I talk about the hindrances, it will be related to its rate When we use a VPN as I said today substantiates a acquaintance from one network to another, it is therefore will justification your hurry to decrease So the rate of decreasing the rapidity will depend on the server you are on So for that, I will bring the review for the VPN, Best VPN in India, where we will apply all speed research Suppose, we have 40 mbps bond, So my bond can go to 10 mbps, 20 mbps, 30 mbps, Again it depends on the type of VPN I am squandering So is VPN required? If you are viewing various Tv Pictures, Netflix or Travel a lot If you use public wifi or use the internet a lot, so according to me having a VPN is a good thing Is VPN the only option to establish privacy? No, you can use Tor Browser or proxy If you do not require Paid VPN so you can use Free VPN But there are certain advantages and handicaps, I will make a separate video on that The best option is to use a Paid VPN Is VPN 100% safe? No, VPN is not 100% safe, if you are working on the internet then there is no guarantee for 100% refuge But compared to the normal internet we are having, it is safe to use a VPN If you need VPN for safety and privacy then there is an important factor related to enters they are keep If they are not keeping any records, then comparatively they are safe Location, as to where they are situated for example in USA The laws of the USA will govern the VPN company They can intervene anytime and can challenge the data So nothing is 100% assure in the internet Many things get spoofed daily whether it is Facebook or Apple iCloud Recently NordVPN was spoofed It is not 100% procure but you will get defence “if youre using” a VPN Do not use any VPN, use a reputed VPN You have to check its No Data Block Policy You have to check its background, like the inquiries when the data is been asked So you will have to check its probes Again, when I will be making a video on Best VPN, I would discuss about the most secure VPN in India Which VPN is having a best speeding I am furnishing an extra security tip in the middle Keep changing your passwords regularly Keep different passwords for different websites You can use a password generator tool, or a password management tool, I use Bitwarden This is not a sponsored video, it is for free, it is opensource software, you can definitely see through it So if you do any illegal tasks, will VPN help in it? NO, in that case, VPN won’t help Because Govt.Is having ability and advanced tools, by which they can easily trace you out So do not involve in any illegal undertakings through VPN Do not involve in any illegal works, there are many good opportunities So do something which is legal and ethical Is use a VPN in India legal? Yes, it is legal to use a VPN You can watch Netflix or access any other content No one would indict you, Netflix won’t come to your house to aks you why you have accessed material from the USA There are many offers, One recent offering was from Siteground, for ordinary citizens of the USA to have hosting for 3 months in$ 1 So you can take that render through a VPN Gold gym has furnishes for training programs from their private assignments, so you can access them through VPN In this room, you are eligible to legally use VPN In the end, which VPN should we use? So again, I am making a video, where I will test more than 7 VPNs If you have a favorite VPN and you want me to cover that you, do let me know in the comments I will include that VPN in my video So that’s all for this one, If you liked the detailed recollect, HIT LIKE BUTTON and SUBSCRIBE to this channel

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