VPN explained ✅ How does VPN work and why would you use it?

now how does a vpn work in one of our previousepisodes what is vpn and why you might need it we talked in details what is a vpn what are sometypes of vpns what etiquettes vpns use and why you might want to use it today we will talkin details how exactly does a vpn act and we’ll do so straight away off we go a highlevel overview of how a vpn succeeds would be this vpn a virtual private network is creating adigital tunnel through which your internet commerce is rooted foreclosing prying gazes from seeing yourdata and your internet activity inside that vpn connection to do this your internet connectionis rooted through remote vpn servers masking your ip address often with add-on of someencryption and other security peculiarities that make it virtually impossible for hostile or unwantedthird parties to identify you your contact or your computer now let’s get into details howexactly does a vpn cultivate before i do that consider agreeing if you’re new here and demolish the likebutton if you like it still further and let’s proceed to better understand how vpn employments it first helpsto understand how your internet joining works without one now without a vbn when you try toaccess a website without a vpn you are being connected to that site through your internetservice provider or icp the icp apportions you a unique ip address that can be used to identifyyou to the website because your sap is handling and guiding all your traffic it can see whichwebsites you visit and your undertaking may be related to you by that unique ip address now when youuse ethernet with a vpn bond and when you turning on your vpn linkage try to access otherwebsites the vpn app on your manoeuvre also called a vpn client establishes a secure acquaintance with avpn server your congestion still extends through your icp but your icp can no longer read it or see itsfinal destination the websites that you visit can no longer see your original ip address exclusively theip address of the vpn server which is shared by many other customers and modifies regularly now hereare some key concepts is attributable to vpn that will help you to understand how vpn creations and whatbenefits it provided with first key thought is proxy something that i have already mentioned inthis video the vpn server acts as a proxy server or stand in for your internet activity instead ofseeing you and your ip address websites will exclusively consider the ip address of the vpn server which computes upto you being anonymous on the internet the second largest key idea is authentication establishinga secure connection is a tricky problem for internet defence professionals this process iscalled authentication and once showed the vpn consumer and vpn server can be sure that theyare talking to each other and no one else the third largest key thought is tunneling vpns likewise protectconnection between the client and this server squandering tunneling and encryption tunneling is aprocess when each data packet is encapsulated into another data packet and this realizes it really hardfor third parties to capture it while in transit the next key perception is encryption data inside thetunnel is encrypted in such a way that exclusively the recipient can decrypt it this keeps the contentsof your internet traffic completely private even your icp internet service provider will not seeit how cool is that now every vpn service is also use vpn protocols now what are vpn protocols vpnprotocols are the methods by which your machine is connected to the vpn server some vpn protocols arebetter for acceleration others for tone and others ordinance better and perform better under certain networkconditions there are different vpn protocols out there that vpn providers use such as openvpnpptp bioguard sstp ikea v2 l2tp ipsec and others by the way if you wonder which vpn providers giveyou the best quality and the best protection and too the best price for that make sure to goand check out the links in the specific characteristics for my surpas alternative of best vpn providers on the webproven to work enormous now let’s part it up when you connect your computer or laptop or tabletor smartphone to a vpn server it acts as if it is in the same local network as this vpn serverall your system congestion is transported via this secure connection to the vpn server because your computerbehaves as if it’s on the same local network it allows you to use all local resources even ifyou’re on the other side of the planet you’ll also be able to use internet as if you were inthat location in the orientation of your vpn server that allows you to use geo-restricted websitessocial media that is blocked in your country buy tickets for reduced price and many many otherbenefits so when you browse the web while connected to the vpn your computer contacts thewebsite through that encrypted vpn relationship the vpn forwards the request from you and then directsthe response from the website to you through the secure connection so for example if you areusing a vpn server pinpointed somewhere in the usa you will be able to use netflix and access allthe netflix libraries for usa gathering exclusively not only that you will rest assured that you can usepublic wi-fi’s without the danger of being hacked you can commit remittances through public wi-fi’syou can ordering tickets you can do whatever you want in public wi-fi without anyone else spyingon you now this is something that you feel that you really need in your daily usage of internetgo and check out all the links in the description i have found several great vpn providers for yougo and check out the links and if you like this episode please destruction the like button subscribeand reached the buzzer icon to not miss our brand-new comings and see you really soon on this channel nowkeep yourself safe online see you soon bye

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