VPN: conexión remota a oficina

Hello, welcome to this new video from qloudea.com, I’m david aragn manager and society overseer of the Qloudea group in this video we will see external access to an office with vpn in this small video we will envision three main points in which we will deal with what is a vpn what types of vpn exist and what are the examples of use of vpn in the first spot we are going to see what a vpn is. well a vpn or virtual private network is a connection protocol that allows us to access a place remote through a stick communication tunnel thanks to this communication we can be within a local area network remotely therefore if we are in any location and we have an internet connection and “were having” configured our vpn we can access all the resources of our busines or our office safely thanks to this private tunnel that that we are going to create with the vpn.At top number two we will see that three types of vpn there. Is the type pptp in the second point we have open vpn and then we have the third largest L2TP/ ipsec. PPTP has several pros, which is compatible with most devices easy to configure and it is also a particularly very fast vpn connection the drawbacks are that it is not very safe afterwards, it is a little slower than open vpn and can also crash when we are working behind a firewall that is very restrictive. Open vpn is very configurable It is also the safest of the three, it bypasses all firewalls it also has numerous alternatives when it comes to encrypting our alliance It is too freely shared and free the problem that we are going to have with it is that we will need third parties and also the link from mobiles is going to become a bit complicated L2TP/ ipsec is this third this third type of vpn connection that is relatively secure and it is also terribly very easy to configure “its also” particularly stable and were accompanied by most designs blackberry that you do not enter has therefore that it is not supported by most of manoeuvres for example we cannot use this from most of smartphones android or with the apple with the apple it will also be quite simple to block and difficult to implement for makes, let’s see three examples of use as vpn Regardless of the type of vpn we use, we will be able to connect to the shared resources of our fellowship from abroad whether they are printers connect to our intranet or for example access any type of aid such as the intellectual property rights spokesperson of our fellowship we will be able to work by remote desktop from any computer that we have for example in another office or outside our home outside the department and we will be able to connect thanks to vpn through remote desktop back safely to our fellowship computer or to our workplace in the position and in detail amount 3 we will see how to create a tunnel or this use when creating a connecting tunnel between two locates different from one company and we can work with different crews from one installations and we will be able to access the other headquarters in a transparent way for users first of all we have this first type of acquaintance is anticipated that we are working abroad, we want to connect with from any type of device be it a desktop computer a laptop or smartphone design either a smartphone or a tablet to our part and we want to print any document as we can configure our vpn to access immediately through our vpn server to any of our position assets this will be compatible with any invention we will be able to do it in anywhere and we will have access to our resources at any time then if we want to work from the outside for example with a linkage stick remote desktop we can have a second office or a home office with which we can make a assure acquaintance with our workplace and for example with our dwelling or agency tabletop sprinkler we can connect directly via vpn to our vpn server either with QNAP Synology or Thecus to the remote desktop of our computer and for example in case that we are working with QNAP and with virtualization we will be able to connect to our virtual machine in a very simple way and above all exceedingly extremely secure the truth is that accessing remote desktop as if we were in the local network is going to be what sacrifices us the security and versatility of the vpn Then at moment list 3 we can do something a little more complex connect two different offices or two locations to connect to the same aids both offices, for example, we have computers in a patron department that disappear to be able to immediately access all the shared resources that the installations either file storage printers utter ip or any type of resource they share on the network also if we configure the gateway of our computers with the intellectual property rights from the vpn buyer nas server we can access the internet through the central installations and therefore we will all be as if “were just” within the same part In addition, the computers at the headquarters to access the server of the client headquarters and we will be able to have various client positions within a single headquarters and we can do it all at the same experience therefore we can have different beings spread throughout the world and to be able to work all against the headquarters and so far this video of vpn or how to access our data with vpn we will see in future videos such as configure this with a QNAP how to configure synology so you can see how easy it is and how accessible it is to have this type of technology installed or nas server in our agency of course as always I urge you to subscribe ice to our direct youtube and visit our learn division at qloudea.com/ blog/ formacion

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