VPN: 9 VORTEILE ✅ & 4 NACHTEILE ❌ die DU unbedingt KENNEN musst!

hello and welcome to the VPNTiger youtube channel if you think about it n vpn to use or not yet 100 percentage sure whether a vpn is really the right one answer for you is then this video is exactly right here so bide tuned in any case In this video I explain the reasons what both advantages and disadvantages vpns have and I will help when deciding whether you are able to squander n vpn or not, first of all, what is a vpn at all it is a program with which you are geographically limited or censored can unlock internet material and protect your online data from intruders by abusing your online data traffic is encrypted and your real ip address is concealed, we catch it directly to i have now selected 9 advantages of vpn works the first advantage is a vpn obstructs your online identity of course because a vpn disguises your ip address and of course so that your online traffic is encrypted, of course, it ensures that your digital Footprints cannot be traced on the internet, for example online hackers got to find your real one Do not use ip homes to be informed about personal or bureaucratic data Surveillance authorities and censors cannot check what the hell are you do online where you stop Spy on your data traffic or something like that, for example, when you are in the usa now there is often the problem that between the internet service providers and yes other advertisers Often dodgy slews take place, user data is often sold on to advertisers and Of direction, that can also happen if you are a tourist in the usa vpn really, unusually, very good and also important and now come straight to the second point and since it is actually the majority of what a vpn is used for and that helps n vpn geographically to circumvent controls and yes if you do not know what geographic barriers are if you ever tried to access the internet site and there came n meaning to example this content is unfortunately not available in your region then it is a geographic one blocking and in this way internet providers or material providers can of course regulate it in which countries or geographical areas the internet page film music or tv sees are available and of course it happens because of the copyright or license terms or something like that must be adhered to and how can vpn now help internet sites namely typically hide material behind geographical regulations because they are then yours Geographical location can be seen with the help of the ip address and then basically assures the pulpit you want to access the connection requests your design refers And also the ip address, as I said, from which the requirements originate and as soon as the website Your actual ip address can of course know a geographic location without current problems way and if it is on the blacklist, so to speak, that it does not access it If so, you will be denied access or you will be redirected to another page and since a vpn can of course conceal your real ip address, you are eligible to simply use the graphic Bypass blockages in a simple way because the platform you want to access of course then, so to speak, think that you come from the right geographical region and then you can access it all the time when you retrieves it on an american website, for example then you can simply establish a connection to a server in the usa and then you are eligible to precisely access it without actually being in the usa so it can really be very particularly be useful as a vpn if you want to unblock content from anywhere in the world or if you are often on the road or acting abroad or something and then back to German material wanted to access the third largest station is vpn provider stick your online attachments wlan yes available everywhere nowadays and yes particularly convenient to use extremely when you stop have a small mobile data project and the only problem is with free wifi In that it is very, very frequently unsecured that meant that your personal data each time “youre using” it, for example, cyber delinquents can now find out something about you this can lead to it being bank account data as, for example, credit card information or steal info but if you use vpn you don’t have to worry about why then vpn to procure your online communication the encryption employed can be assured will that nobody can spy on you and if hackers would try your connection Investigate traffic because he will not make it and will not be because of it a vpn very important we come straight-shooting to the fourth stage and a vpn can throttle bandwidth frustrate and undoubtedly the internet provider basically restriction your bandwidth and lowers it so your online rate, for example, they may do so regularly or only once in of the week or month or so and usually that internet service provider do your services too improve in which, for example, eliminate structure bottleneck and ensure that suspended for all users fairly bandwidth is available and most often How the nonetheles the bandwidth throttled to stop users to convince expensive subscriptions and to acquire data tariffs and a vpn is really highly, very good if you precisely don’t want yours internet providers can see what you are doing online, they don’t know whether we are, for example too much bandwidth to play online competitions download files or stop streaming film or something utilized so the stop your bandwidth can not throttle if you stop vpn employments we come straight-shooting to the fifth time and vpn can bypass firewalls if you at work or in academy or something then you may have to join annoying structure firewalls grapple with access to certain websites of course, beings prevent it because they often have to comply with different regulations but luckily you can easily bypass any firewall you come across with the vpn since your ip address is concealed as I said, it could even be enforced by the government Bypass firewalls such as the firewall of pottery so that you can surf the internet you don’t have to worry about country censorship, etc.The sixth advantage is vpns stipulating safe torrenting isn’t really dangerous if you know what you’re doing but it is can endanger your privacy if you don’t exploit vpn without vpn, for example, people can see what your real ip address is and that means that you have unwanted strangers as attend which country or metropolitan you are from or catch out your zip code or who Your internet provider is and we can get around that if you simply use a vpn but don’t forget to torrenting illegal depending on the laws of the country of residence so be careful in any case and don’t is everything illegal I would open up to you in any case not recommend but for torrenting a vpn is also very, very good the seventh advantage is vpn improves online gaming when vpn encrypts your acquaintances and your ip address obscures there are many grounds to use such services improve your gaming knowledge you can play in any geographic area you want you can play fastened games or yes if you have problems with your other gamers then you can protect yourself from the two attacks and you are eligible to even get dishonest ip prohibitions can all go with vpn the eighth advantage is with the help of vpns you are eligible to online price discrimination scaped online peddlers or airlines or something like that sometimes different expenditures depending on which geographical region you come from Of direction wishes to start more profit with it, but of course it’s not fair anymore Having to pay money for the same product or service precisely because you are comes from the other part of the world and then vpn of course secretes the ip address disguised that likewise quasi the real geographical location and if you then move out of the more developed one country originates like Germany, for example, we can try to pretend you are from nem other less developed areas of the world come to get better premiums but remember that n vpn cannot guarantee 100 percent that you are able to ever get wise online expenditure discrimination could be protected because some websites also use cookies use which can lead to the fact that you will stop higher when you tour the website again rates as before, since then, as a rule, the best thing to do is to close the cache delete and not just use a vpn and the 9th benefit is a vpn service is perfect for The effort when you run a company and individual employees have remote access to confidential information on the go If it is necessary to companionship and patron data, a vpn is the ideal way to do that the service, the link of the employees to your company’s servers can be encrypted Hackers do not track your transaction for valuable company data or anything else to steal and so you can, for example, access it from public wifi if you really use a vpn and are not observed or important information is stolen and Furthermore, having a vpn isn’t the only option with business owners and employees to provide advantages that surely add to the advantages of a vpn there like you already noticed more advantages than drawbacks but now I will explain the weakness to you from vpn works there are really not so for the detriments of nem vpn anyway I have now picked out four hindrances that you are of course still interesting in The first impediment is that vpns can sometimes reduce your online speedings slow down because depending on various factors, for example how far you are from vpn server are removed or how potent your encryption is or what kind of vpn protocols you use and so on and so on can increase your internet speed Use a VPN may be slowing down and the slowing down may not always be see and sometimes does not occur at all, specially if you have a strong cpu or a high bandwidth but if you use n vpn then it could be that you are able know-how the loss of acceleration of commonly only a few mbit per second in purchase Second, the purpose of applying the wrong vpn can endanger your privacy the protection of your online data if you decide not to investigate now You may be for the service of exactly the opposite that, for example, the contingency with awfully inexperienced providers you will notice when there are faulty employments, for example scarcity of ascertain programs or foundation and no clear information on the characteristics of Security offered to you and of course also free VPN providers so I would even if you also do not recommend free vpn providers since they are bring on Most likely be very difficult because free vpns are usually are not well configured give encryption I also settled the best vpn provider in my opinion before and it is definitely not free but if you have selected n vpn provider no matter whether decides for a reward or free of charge who endangers your online pleasures logged That of course likewise your privacy and not to mention the actual purpose it was a vpn actually creates with it and luckily this problem can easily be avoided when you opt for a compensate vpn service that doesn’t impede records and is high terminate security offers, for example, vpn etiquettes such as softether and open vpn encryptions military standard dns lay protection access to the kill switch and so on you get me very Instantly to the third disadvantage, high-quality VPNs simply cost money because they are free vpns are simply not a reliable alternative you should in any case as I said hand-picked vpn provider with payments but “if youre having” little money that can be a problem specially since some providers may charge up to eight to eleven euros per month, which of course I do summarizes up in the long run but it’s not all bad news there are vpn providers like eg express vpn, which I will also introduce to you in this video, is really highly cheap for the implementation of its it fetches and therefore I want to recommend it to you at the end of this one videos likewise first of all, but the fourth handicap are not in favour of all machines vpns of its own accord while vpn providers generally work on the most common stages how windows ios or android work there are still some operating systems and inventions such as linux or chromebook which vpn employments do not support or programmes For the vpn apps are not being developed because they just hasn’t been that widespread and in Such different situations would have to have vpn communications on the manoeuvre or operating system that you have want to set it up manually but if you really want it then it should definitely not be problem be so for the final question you are able to use a vpn if you have the mentioned before harms of the vpn then it is really pretty obvious that a vpn truly considers the The perfect choice is if you want to use a self-assured online linkage and free internet access wanted to be on the go and want to access censored or blocked content and if you only wants to access geographically blocked television programs or movies but were concerned that a vpn slows your online hurry too much you can dispel your concerns by You stop using a vpn provider, he has really high-speed associates, fast vpn gives protocols and unlimited bandwidth such as express vpn this vpn provider Ill tell you very quickly thats what I think is the best vpn provider presently available on the market is express vpn give over 3000 servers in 94 country level from all In these countries you can easily and readily get your own IP address ExpressVPN Unfortunately, it’s not free, but ExpressVPN offers a 30 -day money back guarantee and now so if you don’t like it, you can easily get the money back fetch back and if you get the program via my attach in the specific characteristics, you get an incredible 49% discount and the whole three months for free if you sign on the 1-year due picks up.Of direction you can also enter the link directly in your browser, simply look for VPNTiger.de/ EXP and you will get the hefty offer. with ExpressVPN you can You too have foreign TV channels from Germany and German TV directs from the watch abroad and you can also apply ExpressVPN for any Netflix every country’s library can also be received from Germany so there are many more serial and to discover films so I can only recommend ExpressVPN as the best solution. if if you want to get an american ip address, for example, you will of course install yourself first expressvpn opens the whole program because pulped here on these three points searching now to the usa up now then you choose the country follow the arrow here you have selected the one server off, for example, is simply new york then press connect and in the middle you already connect to a us american ip address and i’m connected that works really quickly and readily within a few seconds and now you can you all of the advantages I mentioned in this video time its utilization and that’s it from this video “i m hoping you” would prefer it and cured and if you want to see more of it then delight subscribe to this channel and let me know if you can write to me in specific comments whether you already use a vpn or the video has now formed you one to use and check out this canal for more videos or click on the proposed videos here and yes then i would say see you in the next video ciao

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